Looking for land to lease or for sale for regenerative farming with livestock as well

Farming Experience

Farming experience

Less than three years of experience

Type of farming experience

  • Worked on a farm
  • Something else/additional (describe below)

Description of farming experience

Worked part time Barn help at equestrian farm and volunteering at any livestock operation i can find

Farming Plans

State(s) of interest

  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Location details

My Kids and i reside in Boston but open to relocation to local states

Minimum acreage desired


Arrangements desired

  • Purchase or own
  • Lease
  • Farm manager
  • Business partnership
  • Lease-to-own

Arrangement description

My goal is to find become a successor to a cow calf operations or a mentor to learn from to start my own journey ,I've read that some programs in which farm owners help train you before handing over and i would be open to that if possible but also open to alternative options

Planned farming practices

  • Sustainable/regenerative
  • Conventional

Farming practices description

I've began to work with horses at equestrian farms in hopes to learn to ride to help sort cattle if needed in west coast work or east

Planned farming enterprises

  • Livestock
  • Vegetables

Farming enterprises description

Cow calf operation/and learn regenerative along the way

Infrastructure needed

  • Farm buildings
  • Housing
  • Livestock shelter/housing

Description of infrastructure needed

Looking to find a Farm with existing infrastructure, from my research these are needed to help run a more successful operation but i'm open to learning alternatives

Business planning description

I'm currently working on a business plan with advice of my Score mentor, i'm open to creating a new one or learning more for a farm mentor

Additional Information

Hello my name is Quinn walker , Im looking for a opportunity to become a successor to a Rancher. I’ve been working Boston for 10+ years in Healthcare as a first responder and part-time as Barn help after discovering a love for agriculture, horses and cows. Im willing to relocate if right situation occurs. I am a father of 3 and would be a first generation farmer, i hope to learn the craft and teach my kids to keep the lifestyle alive

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