Wildflower sod grower seeking US farm partner joint venture or land lease for expansion

Farming Experience

Farming experience

11+ years of experience

Type of farming experience

  • Farm business ownership

Description of farming experience

We are a new business bringing wildflower sod to the US for the first time commercially. Our business partner is the leading manufacturer of wildflower sod in the UK, and has been in business for over 20 years.

Name of your farming operation or where you are currently farming

Wildflower Turf UK

Farming Plans

State(s) of interest

  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island

Minimum acreage desired


Maximum acreage desired


Arrangements desired

  • Lease
  • Business partnership

Arrangement description

We are looking for an experienced growing partner with a large, irrigated parcel of land who is interested in working with us to bring an exciting new conservation product, wildflower sod, to the US commercially for the first time.

The ideal parcel of land is at least 5 acres. An ideal scenario would be an expandable parcel (and partnership) wherein we could expand up to 30 acres over the next five years as the business grows.

Planned farming practices

  • Sustainable/regenerative

Planned farming enterprises

  • Cut flowers
  • Wildflower sod, wildflower seed

Infrastructure needed

  • Farm buildings
  • General farm equipment

Description of infrastructure needed


-- Sufficient water supply for significant irrigation to establish plants
-- Free-draining soil with at least 8 months of accessibility
-- Slightly sloping land (up to approximately 1:15 or 6.66% or 3.8 degrees is acceptable)
-- Agricultural building/ buildings and yard for raw material storage and loading unloading
-- Staff to oversee production & labor to maintain / harvest
-- Regular farm equipment (specialty equipment to be provided)

Additional Information

Meadow Lab is a new business focused on creating landscaping products that make it easy for landscape professionals to install beautiful and bio-diverse landscapes as a method to combat climate change. Our first product is a wildflower sod that rolls out like grass sod, but contains over 50 species of NE-native perennial wildflowers. We are backed by the UK's largest wildflower sod producer, who has over 20 years experience producing and scaling, and some of the best minds in conservation, ecology & horticulture in the US today.

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