Bradford Properties • 390 acres for Sale • Bradford (Penobscot County), ME

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Bradford, ME

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Property for sale

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Located in Bradford, ME – raw land, ready for new adventures. The full acreage is being offered as a whole, or broken up as three separate properties as allowed by the agricultural easement. Each location has the opportunity for a building envelope, which will allow for the new owners to build a house along with barns/out buildings for agricultural use. This land has been in agricultural production for decades and the owner has worked hard to build up soil health and leave the property better than he found it. All parcels offer beautiful open fields, productive wood lots, and adequate road frontage.   Each property has been in a high fertility program, adding manure each year.


This property is protected with an Agricultural Conservation Easement and held by Maine Farmland Trust and can be reviewed at any time. For more specific easement details and questions, please contact the Land Steward for MFT, Garrett Linck at [email protected].


Full acreage (all parcels purchased together):

~390 acres



Purchased separately:


Farm 1 – Smith Road

131.75 acres; large portion is wooded, but would grow most anything. High land, well drained. Has been growing alfalfa for 7 years. 




Farm 2 – Middle Road (multiple parcels, separated; in close proximity)

106.42 acres; $300,000

Previously used for Alfalfa and corn. Good use would be for critters.



Farm 3 – Reeves Road (two separate parcels on either side of Reeves road)

152.49 acres; $300,000

Good, harvestable wood on this lot, along with nice open fields.  Ample open fields to grow just about anything. One field is a bit wet, but still ample growing acreage.

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