Broad Cove Farm • 65 acres for joint venture with housing • Bremen, ME (Lincoln County)

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126 Waldoboro Road, Bremen, ME 04551

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2 drilled wells, two ponds and 6 dug wells

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The owner is open to talking with interested farmers about the many opportunities this land presents

Additional Information

Owners currently live in house built in 1983 for deceased relative. House is in good condition.
Two drilled wells, two ponds, 6 dug wells 
Second dwelling: House built in 1978 by owners who lived in it for over 40 years. Primitive living conditions but nice.
There is approximately 1500 feet of saltwater marsh frontage suitable of access to aquaculture, clamming, etc.  
Equipment: 4 tractors, 2 bulldozers, backhoe attachment, mower conditioner, rake, baler, disc, tag along plows, old head shoot, lime spread (seeder), 2 row corn planter, apiary equipment, dump trailer, hay trailer, duck coop on hay wagon, utility trailers, chipper, flail mower, 2 bush hogs, Gravley and Billy Goat bush hogs, riding lawn mowers, chain saws, full metal and wood working shop, many hand tools, etc. 

Owners have lived and worked on the farm for 45 years, summary history available after contact. 

NOT permitted on the land: Intensive feedlots or excessive pasturing of animals, use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or sludge/septic waste spreading, useages to be discussed but basically must adhere to best natural/organic farming practice. Land improvement must be incorporated into any farming plan. 

Date posted

November 3, 2022


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