Hilltop Farm - 5 acres for lease/other, with housing - Ashfield, MA

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1230 West Rd, Ashfield, MA

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  • Drilled well
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  • Pond

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Available year round as long as it's not been drawn down due to prolonged drought.

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Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

Shared farm house. 3 bedrooms available. $1000 a month includes land use and shared use of kitchen, internet, common room and bath.

Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

Rototiller, hand tools, chicken coop for 300 birds and a laying flock, 3 bee gives, 12' hoop house unheated, 10000 gallon swimming pool, water tanks

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Water easement but not being used

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Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

  • Property for lease
  • Other tenure arrangement

Property for lease

6 to 9 months trial then possible longer term arrangement . Must be experienced in farming enterprise (s) you plan to under take. Must be willing and able to live in a shared space respectfully and in good communication with others in the community. Spaces available for 3 farmers. Livestock producers welcome. Sheep, cattle, meat and egg chickens, geese, turkeys, swine, bees all raised here in the recent past. Minimal vegetable growing opportunity here. Poor soils, shade and cold temps, short season make it challenging. High tunnels could be added however. Assistance applying for Grant's available.

Other tenure arrangement

Offering beginning entrepreneurs a shared learning space with mentoring and training from seasoned trainer. Permaculture certificate, holistic management training and entrepreneurship mentoring along with business planning support. Some infrastructure coinvestment.

Additional Information

Currently planted to several fruit trees. Hives not in use. Chickens laying eggs now. 6 breeds with Roosters. Incubator and possibility for raising and sale of pure bred chicks and pullets this season. Rabbits for breeding and sale also included. Permaculture design completed for property. Teaching space available in nice yurt for offering workshops or post harvest handling and small niche CSA or value added products creation. Potential for fish culture. 

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