John Hunt Farm - 4.9 Acres for lease - Little Compton, RI

The Land

Property owner

Private non-farming landowner


226 West Main Road, Little Compton, RI

Total number of acres available with this property


Acres of cropland or tillable land


Acres of pasture


Acres of forested land


Other open and/or non-farmable land

4.12 acres of wetland woods adjacent to the field.

Farm Information

Water sources present

None available

Water sources details

Potential to bring in water from an artesian well in an adjacent land at top of field also owned by landower

Barns, sheds or other structures

None available

Farm infrastructure details

Field is mostly outlined by stone walls, and there is a small parking area at top of the field

Farmer housing

None available

Equipment and machinery

None available

Is the property enrolled in a current use or other state program that affects property taxes?


Is the property protected with any type of Conservation Easement?


Easement details

There is a Little Compton Agricultural Trust Conservation Easement on the property which restricts the land to agricultural use only which also includes small farm structures.

Is there a forest management plan for forestland on the available property?


Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

  • Property for lease

Property for lease

Short term 1 year lease with option for renewals as long as conditions outlined in lease are met.

Additional Information

For lease is a 4.9 acre field in Little Compton, RI on a private historic farm setting.  Lease cost for the field $500/year.  Gently sloped field with good drainaige and pretty views of neighboring farmland.   Field had been leased to another farmer over the past 30 years who grew a variety of crops in the field including vegtables, flowers, strawberries, potatoes, soy bean, corn, tomatoes, squash etc. 

Ideally would like someone to farm it and maintain the field as pasture, grazing land, but will also be open to crops.  If crops are planted landowner would prefer organic or very low input crops and  will require cover cropping over the winter. Landowner also will require that brush along the stonewalls is cut annually to  as well as maintaining the stone walls that outline the field.  There is an artesian well in an adjacent field which could be used to potentially provide water for animals on site.  Local farmers and/or organic farmers to receive first consideration.

Landowner will entertain longer lease periods once a mutually beneficial relationship is established between lessor and lessee after first year.   Farmer should have ready access to all equipment needed to undertake their farming enterprise as well as maintain the field and stone walls.

Date posted

May 17, 2023


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