LSR Homestead • 2.13 acres for sale, with house (and butcher shop) • Orland (Hancock County), ME

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15 Beechwood Lane, Orland, ME 04472

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The property is located on a quiet camp road that leads to Alamoosook Lake. We have used this property to raise livestock (pigs, chickens, ducks) since 2018. We built a 20x30 butcher shop that has been used for processing poultry, rabbits, deer, moose, bear etc. We were very successful but simply cannot keep up with the demand anymore as we did not have employees. We’ve had numerous opportunities for grants to make this an inspected facility, but did not opt to utilize them. We ran this as a custom shop, and it exceeded the sanitation standards. We would like to see someone run it as a butcher shop as there is an incredible need for a local butcher and this is a fully furnished shop. There is plenty of space to build a home if someone wanted to. 

20x30 Building on the lot has been used as a butcher shop; heating system: propane direct vent; plumbed but no bathroom or bedrooms. There is well, 1000 gallon septic tank, and power. 

Equipment with the sale:
5 HP mixer/grinder 
Poly top cutting table
3 stainless steel tables 
Three bay stainless steel sink
6x12 walk in cooler
20 inch double bar vacuum sealer
2 5 cubic foot chest freezers 
35” drum plucker
Rotary scalder
Misc. knives, hooks, gambrels 

Priced at $209,000

EXTENDED OFFER: located across the dirt road -offering contingent on current sellers purchasing a new home- a 2015 home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on another 4 full acres.  Both properties could be purchased together for $445,000.  Please inquire with Kyle McGeechan, RE Broker for more info.  

Date posted

May 23, 2023


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