Nourse Farm - 32 acres for lease or management - Westborough, MA

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80 Nourse Street, Westborough, Massachusetts

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  • Pond
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Water sources details

The farm is bisected by Nourse Brook, one of the sources of the Assabet River. Water is stored in two ponds that is used for irrigating cropland. The farm store and barns are supplied by town water. A John Deere 4045T 75 HP with Rainbow 6 x 4S x13 pump (purchased in 2016) is used for irrigation of the cropland.

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

Farm Store: one story building, constructed in 1985, of about 700 square feet of enclosed space with a commercial kitchen, refrigerated storage and about 875 square feet of covered space for retail sales or storage. Solar panels on the store roof defray a large portion of electrical costs.

Greenhouse: Rimol Noreaster (constructed in 2012)

Storage space: portions of the farm’s several barns are available for storage and equipment repair.

Farmer housing

None available

Farmer housing details

Not available, though rental accommodations are available in surrounding communities.

Equipment and machinery


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Wide range of new and used equipment (tractors, attachments for planting and spraying, irrigation equipment, etc.) is well maintained and available for sale

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The land is subject to an Agricultural Preservation Restriction (“APR”) that restricts land use to agricultural-related activities. The Nourse family intends the farm to continue usage under this restriction.

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Is the property certified organic, or does it qualify for organic certification under federal organic regulations?


Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

  • Property for lease

Property for lease

We would offer a short lease at first for the productive cropland and retail farm store beginning in 2025 to test compatibility with the option for a longer-term lease afterwards.

Other tenure arrangement

We are looking for an experienced farmer with business acumen to take over management and operation of the farm business. This farm is a turnkey operation with an established reputation and consumer base. Jon Nourse, the current farm manager has been operating the farm for the past fifty years and will be available to orient the farmer to the land, current business, farm staff, etc. We are open to individuals continuing current operations and/or investing in new agricultural pursuits.

Additional Information

General: the farm was established in 1722 and celebrated 300 years of continuous farming by the Nourse family in 2022.  It has a total of 140 acres of land with about 75 acres on the South side of Rt. 30, where the cropland and orchard are located, and 65 acres on the North side.  The North side of the farm has about 36 acres of pasture currently being used for the raising of Hereford beef cattle and 2.75 acres of blueberries.   In addition, the farm boards a number of horses. 

Current use:  the farm produces strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, vegetables and sweet corn which, together with jam and pies produced in the farm kitchen, are sold through a Community Supported Agriculture (“CSA”) program and the farm store.  A substantial portion of the berry harvesting is through an established  “pick your own” program. The farm also manages an event tent for private parties and birthdays and a food truck provides plant-forward meals to customers on site. Visit for full details about current operations.

Markets for produce:  the farm is located in Westborough, a suburban community with a population of approximately 21,500 in the Boston Metro West area.  It is situated on Nourse Street, also designated as Rt. 30, a Worcester County road, and is at the intersection with Jasper Street, a town road serving the adjacent suburban development.  This is a very favorable location for marketing the farm’s produce.

Cropland:  The 32 acres of cropland currently available lie on the southside of the farm. The land is principally Paxton soil, with some Merrimac and Hinkley soils, presently planted with strawberries (2.25 acres) and raspberries (5.5 acres) and used for vegetable and sweet corn production. Additional land may become available for lease over time.

Orchard:  2 acres of peaches and nectarines and 5.5 acres of blueberries.

Community support:  Nourse Farm is one of the last remaining farms in Westborough.  The Town is a party to the APR together with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has a strong commitment to seeing that the farm remains in agriculture. Educational and community-sponsored events, an educational walking trail on the property for customers and links to nearby hiking trails along the farm periphery are valued by local residents. The farm has an active social media presence and community engagement in the area.

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