Roberts Farm • 160 acres for sale or short term lease • Corinth (Penobscot County), ME

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788 Hudson Rd, Rte 43, Corinth, ME

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This farm acted as a small dairy farm for several years, I believe starting in the 1950's. My father bought it in 1974 and ran it as a dairy farm until late 1989 when he sold all our dairy cows. He raised heifers and sold hay for the next 25 years. For about 5 years between 2012 and 2017, he planted a large garden and had a successful little vegetable stand. He also used about .5 acres to raise pumpkins for a few years between 2015 and 2018. The fields were primarily used for pasture and harvesting hay, only being fertilized and treated with cow manure. The only exception was, for 4 years, my dad leased about 4 acres to another farmer to grow corn. The same 4 acres were used each year. The land is part of an Forever Farm easement with Maine Farmland Trust and cannot be subdivided or used for anything other than agricultural purposes. 


Priced at $210,000 for standard sale option

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