Horse Property

Farming Experience

Farming experience

11+ years of experience

Type of farming experience

  • Homesteading
  • Something else/additional (describe below)

Description of farming experience

Trail riding business, equine barn management, Master Degree in Forestry

Farming Plans

State(s) of interest

  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Minimum acreage desired


Arrangements desired

  • Purchase or own
  • Business partnership
  • Lease-to-own

Planned farming practices

  • Animal care and wellness with natural recourse management

Farming practices description

Forestry (we are both Foresters), Natural Horsemanship and Equine Light & Magnetic Therapy (

Planned farming enterprises

  • Agroforestry
  • Hay
  • Livestock

Farming enterprises description

We want to buy a homestead for a holistic lifestyle during the third part of our lives, using our forestry background and equine management skills to tend to the land holistically, offering Biomagnetic Pair and Light Therapy to animals and people.

Infrastructure needed

  • Housing
  • Livestock shelter/housing

Description of infrastructure needed

Homestead with fields and forest to sustain our two horses and a homesteading lifestyle

Additional Information

We are looking for a place to settle with our two horses. Preferably in an area that can sustain them with fields and hay that is surrounded by protected land.

We will offer forestry consulting services and Holistic Wellness through Biomagnetic Pair and Light Therapy for both animals and people.

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