Farming Experience

Farming experience

3-5 years of experience

Type of farming experience

  • Gardening
  • Worked on a farm
  • Agricultural degree

Description of farming experience

I grew up around horses.

Farming Plans

State(s) of interest

  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Minimum acreage desired


Arrangements desired

  • Lease
  • Business partnership

Arrangement description

I would prefer to do a lease but I am open to doing a partnership.

Planned farming practices

  • Certified organic
  • Not certified, but follow organic practices
  • Sustainable/regenerative

Farming practices description

For livestock I am a firm believer in regenerative agriculture. As for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs I believe if it is possible it should be done organically.

Planned farming enterprises

  • Hay
  • Livestock
  • Vegetables

Farming enterprises description

If there is enough land and available infrastructure my goal is to raise beef cattle, sheep, meat goats, poultry, and pigs as well as grow microgreens. If there is enough land I would like to do a small market garden and grow hay and possible hemp for additional income.

Infrastructure needed

  • Farm buildings
  • Housing
  • Livestock shelter/housing

Description of infrastructure needed

Since I will be coming from New York I will require on site housing as well as infrastructure for housing some of the livestock and storing equipment.

Additional Information

After hitting numerous dead ends on the NY Farmland for a New Generation website I was recommended by the head of the farm start program to check out land for good. It is my hope that by finding land to lease I will be able to generate enough income to eventually buy my own farm.

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