Seeking land for homesteading

Farming Experience

Farming experience

Less than three years of experience

Type of farming experience

  • Gardening
  • Worked on a farm

Description of farming experience

I was raised in the city, but my mother always had a vegetable and herb garden in the backyard that I helped with. I have some livestock experience as well, as I was in FFA in high school and worked on my aunt's horse ranch for a year.

Farming Plans

State(s) of interest

  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont

Minimum acreage desired


Maximum acreage desired


Arrangements desired

  • Lease
  • Farm manager
  • Business partnership
  • Lease-to-own
  • Collective/group tenure
  • Something else

Planned farming practices

  • Not certified, but follow organic practices
  • Sustainable/regenerative

Planned farming enterprises

  • Livestock
  • Vegetables

Infrastructure needed

  • Housing

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