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Need assistance navigating New England Farmland Finder or managing your account? Find answers to commonly asked questions below. 

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How to Use This Site

As a farm seeker

First, create a free Farm Seeker Account. Once logged in, you can search for properties in a number of ways. You can also create a Farm Seeker profile advertising your farming experience, vision and goals, and farmland and infrastructure needs.

To start looking at posted properties, click Find Farmland in the top menu. 

  • Narrow your search by using the filters that match certain criteria, such as acreage or housing. 
  • Use the map to narrow your search. You can zoom in to get more detail on the farms in your target location(s).
  • Scroll through all the posted properties by state. Each property is linked to its detailed description.  

Recent properties are added to the bottom of the listings by state, and several of the newest properties are featured in a slideshow at the top of Find Farmland

The property descriptions are provided by the property poster (usually the owner or owner’s representative). NEFF checks for clarity but does not “fact check” the descriptions. 

If you are interested in contacting a property poster, log in to your farm seeker account and then use the contact form at the bottom of the property posting to contact the property's representative.  

When you sign up as a Farm Seeker, you are automatically subscribed to our free weekly email digest of new properties on the site. You can unsubscribe any time by following the link in the weekly email digest. 

As a property poster

First, create a free Property Poster Account.  Once logged in, you can post your property to the site:

  • Click "add a property" from your login page, or Post a Property at the top of the homepage. 
  • Read the Posting Guide. This is an important step! These considerations help you to better communicate your opportunity to farm seekers.
  • Your property posting begins as a draft. When you are satisfied with your posting and ready to publish it, be sure to change "Draft" to “Ready for Review”, and select "Save". This will alert the NEFF administrator to review and publish your property.
  • You can view/edit your property posting(s) at any time by clicking “My Account” in the upper right corner of the homepage. 
  • The NEFF administrator may edit your posting and posting title slightly for clarity and consistency once “Ready To Publish” has been selected. They will not change what you wrote or “fact check” the information you provide. If the administrator has any questions about your property posting, they will contact you via email. Once finalized, the administrator will publish your posting, and it will immediately be searchable by farm seekers. It will also be included in the weekly email digest of new properties that subscribed farm seekers receive.
  • Property postings expire automatically every six months, unless you renew the posting. You will receive an email notification one week prior to your property’s expiration date. If you wish to renew the property, simply email the site administrator at [email protected], requesting that your posting be renewed. (Please also include the name of the posting in the renew request email).

Managing your NEFF Account

As a farm seeker

Click My Account in the top-right corner of any page to update your account information, including your username, password, and email address. 

To contact a property poster, you must first create and be logged in to your farm seeker account. Once logged in, you may inquire directly to a property poster using the contact form at the bottom of a posting.

As a property poster

Click My Account in the top-right corner of any page to update your account information, including your username, password, and email address. 

  • You can edit your posting at any time at any time by clicking “My Account” in the upper right corner of the homepage. 
  • To unpublish your property, email [email protected]. Please be sure to include the name of the property posting. Unpublished properties return to “Draft” form and are hidden on the site, but can always be revisited and republished at a future time if you wish.
  • Your account may show unpublished properties. These include:
    - properties that you have not yet marked as ready to publish
    - properties that are pending approval from the site administrator
    - properties that have expired (which you can re-activate)

Advising and Support

As a farm seeker

New England Farm Link Collaborative (Connecticut Farm Link, Maine FarmLink, Vermont Land Link, and Land For Good) provides various one-on-one services in your state. Across New England, low or no-cost assistance is available depending on your needs and available funding. To get started, email these providers, based on your current or desired state(s).

As a property poster


Contact Site Administrator

Additional questions/problems not addressed above? Send a message using the form below. The NEFF administrator will be glad to assist you.

Please note that this is not a way to contact property posters or farm seekers. To reach another user, create your free account, log in, and use the contact form found at the bottom of each profile.

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