New England Farm Link Collaborative

What is the New England Farm Link Collaborative?

The New England Farm Link Collaborative is a partnership of farm link programs and land access services in New England. They provide a variety of farmland access support services.  They co-manage the New England Farmland Finder Website, which lists farm properties and educational resources.

Through cross-postings of farm opportunities, referrals to specialists, joint educational programming and collaborative outreach, New England Farm Link Collaborative service providers build awareness and connections to support farm seekers, farmers and landowners of all types in all New England states. Download the New England Farm Link Program Guide, which summarizes the region’s farm link programs.

Check out the new Posting Guide so you are prepared to write the most effective and informative property posting for farm seekers.

We share the same mission: to help farmers and landowners connect.


For more information, click on the map below to contact Collaborative members in your area: