12 Acres Available for Free Lease- Swansea, MA

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375 Sharps Lot Rd, Swansea, Massachusetts

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Open to discussing installation of water infrastructure if needed.

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Support could be provided for installation of limited farm infrastructure.

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Support could be provided for purchasing equipment suitable for use in a solar array.

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Property for lease

This parcel is under option for a solar array. We are looking for a farmer (vegetables, small fruits, livestock, hay) who is interested in a medium- to long-term lease starting as soon as possible for this parcel and, if desired, additional land in Dighton that currently hosts a dual-use solar array. For the next 3 growing seasons, this parcel will be fully available. During the ~6-month construction of the solar array on this land in Swansea, access will be limited but land nearby in Dighton (also listed) will remain available. The solar company is willing to discuss installation of agricultural infrastructure, such as a well. Farmers who farm in the functioning solar array (Dighton now, Swansea in a few years) not only have free access to the land but are paid an annual fee to compensate for reporting requirements imposed by MDAR. If you are an innovative farmer looking for land close to Providence, please reach out!

Additional Information

This land has been fallow for the past few years. Water is not currently available on site, but it could be made available. We anticipate enrolling this land in Chapter 61A before construction begins on the solar array. Dual-use arrays are designed with panels 10-ft off the ground in the horizontal position, posts 25 feet apart, and the fence set back from the panels to allow free movement of farm equipment. There is no more than 50% shade on any square foot of the array. Dual-use solar arrays provide agronomic benefits for many crops in drought years. Corn is the only crop that we do not recommend growing. Please reach out to Gabrielle Hayes at [email protected] with questions.

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