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Posted on April 10, 2020Last updated 3 months ago

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Browns Corner Road, Franklin, Vermont

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None available

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There is the right under the easement to build one future house on a site near the Browns Corner Road for use by the landowner or by farm labor.

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None available
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153 acres of bare land located on the Browns Corner Road in Franklin and Highgate, Vermont The land will be available directly from the owners after fall harvest 2020.  Asking $680,000   Prime agriculture land for sale The parcel has 114 acres of tillable cropland and 39 acres of managed woods which abuts the Rock River.  There is excellent access to the fields from Browns Corner Road. (see orthophoto map) This is an ideal block of land for an innovative farmer seeking to grow grain, forages, or any vegetation for a cash crop income. The land has been managed conventionally with high grass and corn silage yields.  It could eventually be certified organic if a buyer is interested in managing the land organically. The property is conserved with an easement held by Vermont Land Trust and is enrolled in the Current Use Tax Program.  There is the right under the easement to build one future house on a site near the road for use by the landowner or by farm labor. The site is approximately 7.5 miles from Swanton where there is the nearest supermarket and access to I-89.  St. Albans is 11.5 miles from the site.   Soils The land consists of approximately 121 acres in Franklin and 32 acres in Highgate.  The soils include various varieties of silt loam including: Munson, Scantic, Belgrade, and Limerick.  Some land tiling was placed over the years to reduce ag runoff.  The soil pH ranges from 6.5 to 7.1, and phosphorus ranges from medium to optimum soil levels.  The land is managed according to the recommendations of a Nutrient Management Program since 2006.  Best practices are implemented to reduce soil erosion and ag runoff, and to improve water quality and organic matter.

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