20+ acres of farmland for lease for Alfalfa/Timothy Mix Field or Cornfield in Dudley, MA

Posted on December 26, 2017Last updated 3 months ago

The Land

Property Owner:

Farmer or farm family

Property Location:

Dudley, Massachusetts

Total number of acres available with this property:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Acres of forested land:


Other open and/or non-farmable land

While there are minimal wetlands on the property, the wetlands are not a part of the land to be leased. There is also a new farmhouse to be built on the property which will be owner occupied. No outbuildings or equipment - Lessee must have own equipment.

Is the property enrolled in a current use or other state program that affects property taxes?:


Is there a forest management plan for forestland on the available property?:

Farm Information

Water sources present

None available

Water sources details

There is a well and two spring fed ponds on the property however the former leasee grew 10' plus high corn and did three cuts of the fields with no water. The water table is high but the property is not wet - it is perfect for corn or field.

Barns, sheds or other structures

None available

Farm infrastructure details

Land is former dairy farm and is surrounded by barbed wire and woods. there is plenty of space for lessee to park.

Farmer housing

None available

Farmer housing details


Equipment and machinery

None available

Equipment and machinery details

You must bring your own equipment. Last lessee was from CT and had his own farm machinery which he transported to/from.
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for rent

Property for lease

Short term lease to start.
Additional Information


We have just purchased over 50 acres in Dudley, MA, formerly a dairy farm.  Soil is rich and water table is high enough that irrigation for corn or pasture is not necessary, but it is not wet.  Last season's corn was well over ten feet tall - NO EXAGGERATION!  Fields were lush and green.  We do not have farm equipment to plant or harvest, (we only have a small tractor for ourselves) but wish to keep this a farm and would welcome someone with experience and equipement to lease short term 1-3 years to start.  We are retiring and moving our small farm to this property and will farm a small portion ourselves.  The land is currenlty in 61A and will remain as such.  There are two ponds, two surface wells and one artesian well currently on the property.  Dudley is a farm friendly community,  The only restriction is NO PESTICIDES.  We will live on this property and do not want pesticides used.  Beautiful soil - you won't need them.

We have not taken pictures of the property yet.  This lease would commence for the 2018 growing season.  Owners will be growing blueberries, roses and dahlias.

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