Up to 21 acres of Prime Farmland for Rent - Lakeville, MA (Feb 17, 3PM- Deadline for Responses)

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The Land

Property Owner:

Public landowner (town, county, state)

Property Location:

Bridge Street, Lakeville, MA

Total number of acres available with this property:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Acres of forested land:


Is the property protected with any type of Conservation Easement?:


Easement details:

Property is under the Care and Control of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and the ownership of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Is there a forest management plan for forestland on the available property?:


Is the property certified organic, or does it qualify for organic certification under federal organic regulations?:

Farm Information

Water sources present

None available

Water sources details

At this point there are no direct water sources for the property.

Barns, sheds or other structures

None available

Farmer housing

None available

Equipment and machinery

None available
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for rent

Property for lease

up to 5 year license with an option to renew for another 5 years
Additional Information


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) is soliciting proposals for the agricultural use of various parcels of agricultural land up to approximately 21+/- acres of mostly prime soils on state-owned property consisting of three fields located at the former Taunton State Hospital property on Bridge Street/Main Street and Old Bridge St respectively in Lakeville, Massachusetts (the “Property”). Priority will be given to proposals which address and implement goals of the Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan.

Eligible Applicants

Agricultural operations as defined by M.G.L. c. 128, Sec. 1A that are principally and substantially engaged in the business of production agriculture or farming for commercial purposes and:

are legally recognized entities within the Commonwealth and have the ability to enter a legally binding agreement with the Commonwealth;

have demonstrated the capacity to implement and administer projects and programs as defined in the responsive proposals to this RFR;

if the applicant is not an individual doing business under his/her own name, the proposal must describe the status of the organization (whether a non-profit or charitable institution, a partnership, a business association, or a joint venture) and indicate the jurisdiction under whose laws it is organized and operating.

Only proposals for agricultural uses will be considered. Uses must comply with the regulations promulgated under M.G.L. Chapter 128, Sections 7A-7F.

Applicants must be in compliance with other federal, state, and local statutes, regulations, ordinances, and bylaws.

Applicants who have existing agricultural operations shall be subject to a site visit.

Applicants must be residents of the Commonwealth or entities doing business in the Commonwealth, which have over half of their ownership or trusteeship held by residents of the Commonwealth or must meet this requirement within 60 days of awarding the bid and prior to entering a license agreement.

Proposals from applicants whose operation is out of compliance with any Department programs or regulations.

Proposals from applicants failing to meet requirements for previous or existing MDAR Standard Contracts, such as licenses, permits, certificates of approval, certificates of completion,  including APR and/or assistance programs or from applicants with poor past contract performance as determined by MDAR.

Proposals for the growing of marijuana or hemp are not eligible.

Proposals for conventional livestock production are not eligible. However, proposals which include livestock as part of a regenerative agriculture program may be considered.    

FIELD NAME            

Field 2

8.42 +/- acres used previously for corn production. Soils consist of 100% [5.78 acres] prime  farmland soils.

Field 3

8.2 +/- acres used previously for corn production. Soils consist of 99% [8.1 acres] prime  farmland soils. 

Field 7

4.3 +/- acres used previously for corn production. Soils consist of 95% [4.1 acres] prime farmland soils.


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