26 acres for lease, with housing • Winthrop (Kennebec County), ME

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209 South Road, Winthrop, ME 04364

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Historic late 1700’s New England cape home with hand hewn post and beam construction. The 225+ yo farmhouse has 14 rooms, 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms. When purchased in 1966 the home had been split into a duplex. As renovations progressed to update & converted back to a single family dwelling many details of the original construction were revealed and retained. Through the 70's, 80's & 90's the home was updated carefully with period correct materials & details. Great care was put into retaining its historic and rustic charm. It has been very well maintained and lovingly cared for past 57 years. There are replacement windows throughout, insulation updates, new bulkhead unit, etc. There is a boiler that provides baseboard heat & hot water. It is quite old, but has been serviced annually and is in very good working order. Additionally, there is wood heat provided by a wood stove & wood cook stove. Other recent updates include new appliances (stove, fridge, washer/dryer), generator hookup, modern electric and plumbing, exterior paint. There are a couple rooms awaiting finish and additional maintenance & update needs, but overall it has been very well maintained.

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Large multi level barn suitable for livestock or other agriculture, woodshed, workshop. There is a number of antique, historical agricultural implements remaining in the barn & shop that illustrate the historical significance & might be revitalized. The woodshed & workshop outbuildings could be used for a variety of functions.

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Property for lease

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The property was one of the first established homesteads in the Town of Winthrop. Having only been the second family to own the property there are various tools and relics remaining in the home from the original family illustrating its historical significance. The property was used for farming, including commercial for 200+ years. Dairy farming and possibly an orchard along with misc livestock and agriculture. Most recently it was used as a small family farm and gardening. It has great potential for being restored to a variety of livestock or agricultural farming use. The traditional post & beam construction barn is large and in very good shape with many of the original details retained. The local historic trolley line ran across the back of the property. The original livestock “underpasses” on the trolley line still exist, although caved in. The trolley line has been cleared, along with other walking paths in the wooded area of the property. It would be very exciting to see it restored & revitalized to an active farm 

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