3 Level Farm • 143 Acres available in joint tenure • South China (Kennebec County), ME

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149 Vassalboro Road • South China, ME 04358

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We bought the farm in 2011 and have transitioned to organic practices. Our vision is a multi-family operation with multiple independent endeavors collaborating when necessary. We imagine overlapping skill sets with the possibility of covering for others allowing occasional absences when desired or necessary. Currently three families are involved. Two live on immediately adjacent properties. There are three generations living here and we imagine that to continue. 

Farmhouse: 3 bedroom, wood frame, heat pump and wood stove, 1 1/2 bathrooms. 2 story, full basement.

Second living quarters: Cabin with loft. Electricity, propane heat and hot water. One bath. Crawl space

This is a multi-family Farm. You would be buying a share of the LLC giving you decision /voting rights and use of the cabin. Cabin could be expanded in the future. There also is a second building site available.

No chemical sprays or fertilizer. We are organic/biodynamic in our orientation.

Asking price: $95,000

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