35.5 acre homestead, tiny house, barn 6 acre tilled, functional sugarbush

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The Land

Property Owner:

Farmer or farm family

Property Location:

430 West St, Middletown Springs

Total number of acres available with this property:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Acres of forested land:


Other open and/or non-farmable land

Farm Information

Water sources present


Water sources details

drilled well (2012) with water to the house. well has never been shocked. water tests available. Three season stream about 50’ behind house. Artisanal well at edge of stream. Underground septic installed 2012.

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

barn built May 2014. Measurements 28 x 40. Alaskan slab. Power no water. Loft built to accomodate drying screens for dried herb business. south window bank. clear roof panels. house sap pump. pine siding from mill down the street. aged fencing, stone walls. excellent hunting.

Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

tiny house. 9’x32. Floating slab with 4” blueboard and 6” concrete. Standing seam metal roof with a south facing shed roof/ Roxul. Pine siding inside and out. Concrete floor.12’ storage or sleeping loft at each end. shower room, toilet room, and 5.5’ bedroom platform bed. listed as camp for taxes. wood stove, ondemand hot water. copper

Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

included: sap tank, sap pump, releaser, lines throughout woods. spring tooth harrow, 40 gallon syrup storage tanks available separately.
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for sale

Property for sale

please don't contact me with rental, trade, rent-to-own, sponsorship or other creative tenure requests. as is noted, this is a sale only post.

Sale price

Additional Information


Approximately 35.5 acres has been maintained under organic standards since November 2012 and includes a small house and large barn. Mature and productive sugarbush, open fields, and multiple water sources including a three season stream, provide for many different business plan options. It currently produces maple syrup, dry beans, annual and perennial medicinal herbs and vegetables for the homestead and for sale to neighbors. Acreage includes two planted apple trees and many wild edibles and medicinals: apple, blackberry, ginger, elderberry, mint, cress, berries, coltsfoot, hemlock reishi, maple reishi, stinging nettle and grapes. Awesome location for a permaculture setup and forest farming.
Documentation available to new owners:

field/planting notes, soil tests, water tests, septic plan, fertilization history, historic maps and deeds, and historic satellite maps

maple sap collection system receipts and manuals

household receipts and manuals for well pump, hot water heater, etc.  

Price includes sugarbush setup. NOTE: there is no sap boiling equipment on site. You can
The homestead consists of three main sections with approximate acres: 1.) Six acre homestead field, 2.) Twenty eight acres sugarbush, and, 3.) Three acre north section. The farm has been managed organically since 2013, but has not been certified.
Homestead: four season house, barn, gravel drive, septic tank, leach field, well. Relatively flat, tilled area with field sectioned off into easily manageable (for row plans and tractor work) sections from .5 to 1 acre. Fields have been plowed and tilled to grow dry beans, herbs, and vegetables. There is also a section behind the house with perennial medicinal herbs. Two baldwin apple trees planted 2014.
Water sources: drilled well (2012) with water to the house. Three season stream about 50’ behind house. Artisanal well at edge of stream. Underground septic installed 2012.
Current owner was general contractor and staff on both the house and barn builds and can answer most questions. Both structures are built to Vermont building code. The builder lives up the street.
Farmhouse: built January 2013.
Floating slab with 4” blueboard and 6” concrete. Standing seam metal roof with a south facing shed roof slant. Roof line was built to easily accommodate another “half house” on the north side and solar panels on the south.
Roxul insulation. Pine siding inside and out. Concrete floor.
House measures 9’x32. 12’ storage or sleeping loft at each end. Internal divisions include shower room, toilet room, and 5.5’ bedroom at west end. Bedroom has a fold up platform bed and storage space for dresser underneath, etc.
East wall is made up of two insulated barn doors that lock with bolts from the inside. Outside the doors is a 6’ covered porch with gravel floor.
Stainless steel pipe from well to house, solder-free copper within house, 4 gallon water tank, on-demand electric water heater. Plumbing includes: Kitchen sink, washing machine drain, shower, toilet room with sink that drains into toilet, external tap. Plumbing was built to be drained so that house can be closed up for winter. Septic tank is for xxxxxxxxxxx bedroom house. Tank and leach field are underground.
Underground electric from pole at end of driveway. Electric bill is about $35/month. Electrician installed to the box, owner installed internal electric. All wires are external (not inside insulated walls).
Morso 2B Standard wood stove (not included in price) uses about 1.5 cords per year. Concrete floor acts as a heat sink from wood stove. All windows, but two, are south facing. In the winter, if the fire is lit on a sunny day, the front or rear door often needs to be opened because it gets so hot inside.
Landline and fiber internet installed 2015. Phone and internet battery comes with the house, but wifi setup does not.
Included in sale: kitchen and bath sinks, shower, toilet, bed frame, 6’ electric baseboard heat and thermostat necessary for insurance, flue pipe roof fixture.
Not included:  shelving, counters, furniture, fridge, stove, oven, wood stove + flue pipe.
Barn. built May 2014. Measurements 28 x 40. Alaskan slab.
Power to the barn to run the sap pump. There is one outlet and light switch in the barn. Water does not run to the barn.
West end has drop down ceiling so that an insulated walkin cooler can be built. Loft built to accomodate drying screens for dried herb business. Windows along south facing wall (solar gain) and at top of east and west ends (ventilation in loft). Clear panels in metal roof; electric light is rarely needed. Three roll up doors. Three person doors. Pine siding from mill down the street.
Sugarbush: Approximately 1,300 taps in accordance with organic and current use standards. Installed summer 2015. 2016 yield data available on request. Barn houses sap pump (approximately $400 electricity per season), sap tank and sheltered riser near house and easily accessed by driveway (tank drained by included sump pump; owner to furnish 75’ electric cord to sump pump). Price includes: sap pump, riser, sap tank. sap lines, gauges, etc. There is no sap boiler on site. Buyer has option to work with an established, award winning boiler to sell sap and/or trade for syrup. Annual costs include: taps, electricity to run pump, oil for sap pump, any necessary repairs. Annual maintenance includes: tapping trees, daily checking of lines for drop in pressure during season, repair of lines during season, untapping trees and cleaning out lines, removal of downed limbs from sap lines all year long, washing out of sap tank at end of season, sap pump oil change at end of season. The property is posted and has been a much sought after location for hunting (read: I had to do a lot of throwing people off the property when I first bought it and you may need to keep on top of trespassers).
North section: The property has an easement for access to an old septic system that belongs to the neighbors on north side across Norton Road. It cannot be rebuilt if it fails, but it can be maintained with prior notice to owner of this property. This area contains ideal locations for fruit orchards, small tilled field, mushroom growing, etc. A planting of 100 trees was done in 2016 with 100 trees scheduled to be planted each year for the next four years. Buyer to work with grant recipients to choose locations and types of trees to be planted (contact furnished on purchase). Stream banks give options for wetland micro-climates. Mint and cress harvested from stream bed, stream used to shock shiitake mushroom logs, shaded area behind house used to grow stropharia mushrooms on sawdust.

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