5 Acre Four Season Organic Greenhouse Farm

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The Land

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Miskell's Premium Organics, 718 Greenbush Road, Charlotte, Vermont 05445

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Not Applicable

Other open and/or non-farmable land

.1 acre (farm ponds,ditching and house site)
Farm Information

Water sources present


Water sources details

Drilled well 140 foot depth with 25 gpm flow. There are 2 farm ponds (1 million gallons, 250,000 gallons). There is also a 2800 gallon water storage tank.

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

Storage garage connected to north end of Harnois 30 X 150 foot Ovaltech Plastic greenhouse. 30 X 100 Dutch Venlo glass greenhouse (prep area, propagation greenhouses, boilers, office and storage. 84 X 160 foot Dutch Venlo 4 Bay Glass Greenhouse. Greenhouses have hot water pipe rail heating/transport systems. Walk in cooler with compressor.

Farmer housing

None available

Farmer housing details

State and Town permitted house site with Adirondack views and adjoining land to the south preserved with the VT Land Trust. presently leased by organic grain and forage farmer. There is state and town approved off site 5BR septic mound system (not constructed).

Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

Troy Bilt Horse rototiller. Honda GX-25 mini tiller. Walk behind mower. Bouldin Lawson soil Mixer. EZ Vacuum Seeder
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for sale

Property for sale

Nearby potential rental housing. Vermont Land Trust has first right of refusal at contract price. Property restricted to one house. Greenhouses and farmland in VT Current Use program. Certified organic by VT Organic Farms (VOF). The Miskells will continue to own adjoining 7.7 acres and their home on a separate permitted lot.

Sale price

Additional Information


Miskell's Premium Organics began in 1982 at Shelburne Farms and focused on and continues to be noted for out of season high quality vegetable and herbs sold direct wholesale to stores and restaurants in the greater Burlington area.
In 1984 David began growing in ground organic greenhouse tomatoes and bought 12.7 acres (present farm) from the VT Land Trust and planted willow hedgerows.
1986 Harnois 30 X 150 foot Ovaltech Greenhouse constructed for tomatoes on present farm. After a trip to Holland greenhouses in 1988 a pipe rail hot water heating and transport system was installed. Organic Greenhouse Tomatoes became the only crop. Together with Long Wind Farm a Dutch greenhouse vegetable consultant was hired in 1990 which improved tomato production, quality and greenhouse environment practices. Miskell's Premium Organic Tomatoes were sold to regional supermarkets, several Vt. coops as well as long time Burlington area customers. Farm is 15 minutes from central Burlington.
1994 a  state of the art Van der Hoeven Dutch Venlo Glass Greenhouse was constructed costing $ 750,000. Growing area is 84 X 160 feet and a connected 30 X 100 foot glassed in area now has vegetable prep area, office, hot water boilers, water storage tank, 2 small propagation heated greenhouses and storage. Roof vents, heating and irrigation controlled by Priva Maximizer Environmental Computer. Higher production and better quality of tomatoes was the result.
August through October 2015 a Vermont medical marijauna dispensary leased 1/4 of the glasshouse to grow medical marijauna. We were the first Vermont greenhouse to meet the medical marijauna security rules of  the State of Vermont. I expect that the security plan would allow the entire 13,000 square foot glasshouse to grow medical marijauna, CBD cannabis or recreational cannabis when legalized.
2011 we switched to early and late season greens. Spinach, Lettuce, Arugula, Chard, Kale, Cucumbers and others. At the same time we experimented with greenhouse peaches for 3 years; still have one row in the Harnois greenhouse. Since 2015 the main crops have been green swiss chard (13,000 lbs in 2016 and 2017) almost all going to the City Market delis in Burlington.  Basil all going to the Skinny Pancake restaurant crop for processing into their pesto (4,500 to 5,000 lbs each year). Baby bok choi going to the City Market delis, the Intervale Food  Hub and Farmers To You. Also grow collards and kale early and late season. Like many other small farmers we follow Eliot Coleman's four season innovations. (David apprenticed with him in 1973). All greenhouses are fully planted each winter.
The farm was approved by NRCS for funding in 2017 for 2 - 30 X 150 foot Harnois Ovaltech High Tunnels. Site work prep was done December 2017. In 2018 David decided to sell the farm and canceled the NRCS contract, but such funding is still available especially for a beginning farmer.
Serious, approvable buyers can Contact : David Miskell at [email protected]
Powerpoint slides of farm available at the following address:

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