70 Acres • Lincoln County, ME

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Our farm is located in Midcoast Maine. There are few more pleasant places to live in Maine. We're biased, to be sure, but the combination of rural beauty, commercial infrastructure, proximity to markets, and strong local schools is hard to beat. Since 2017, we have built a thriving regenerative, pasture-based livestock farm. We have a reputation for the highest carcass quality. We have developed extensive wholesale distribution to many of Maine's finest restaurants, butcher shops and specialty grocers and direct-to-consumer retail distribution.  

We would like to allocate more of our time to building and growing the distribution side of our business. We seek a farming partner (ideally lessee, for now) who would - at a minimum - raise the livestock we need annually, a production level that is easily achievable by one farmer. We strongly prefer a farmer entrepreneur, someone who wants to build their own farm of which raising livestock for us might be only a small part. In addition to having all of the infrastructure necessary to raise livestock, we offer a prospective farm partner built-in distribution: we would be the farm partner's first customer. We would buy the animal protein products we contract for and whatever other products the farm partner wants to raise. The farm partner would control their own production scale, though we would contract for certain animal protein raised to our breed, feed and handling specifications. We envision a detailed agreement between the farmer and us as to the "rules of engagement." We will offer the farm partner all the training, guidance, assistance, and network necessary to launch their enterprise. They can proceed at their own pace with the understanding that we will contract for certain livestock on a scale that one farmer can easily handle.  

The farm includes a residence built in the first decade of the 1900's.  It is currently used as two separate apartments. The lease would include the first floor apartment: 2BR with full bath, LR and DR/den. On-site laundry on the first floor is shared by all residents. First floor apartment has propane-fired radiator heating. There is also a large wood stove in the DR/den. Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry are current with appliances +/- 5 years old. 

Equipment list that could accompany lease:
farm truck
tractor and implements
skid steer and implements
grain bin trailer
mobile grain auger
24' stock trailer
all necessary livestock infrastructure (feeders, waterers, mobile fencing, etc.)
poultry processing equipment (1,000 bird processing exemption)

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