76 acres for sale - St Johnsbury, VT

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The Land

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St Johnsbury, VT

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Farm Information

Water sources present


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Water sources details

Irrigation to the high tunnel greenhouses is provided by gravity from a dug out surface water catchment. This water line traverses the property about half a mile making water available at any point in between. It is non-potable water. The line is drained during the Winter.

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

The property includes two NRCS contract high tunnel greenhouses. Tunnel #1 is 30x72' and one year old. Tunnel #2 is 21x40'. It was finished this year. Both are single layer plastic. The orchard is protected by an 8' woven wire fence that encloses 3.5 acres.

Farmer housing

None available

Farmer housing details

There is a school bus retrofitted as a camper with a wood stove included with the property. There is a site for an off-grid homestead excluded from the current use plan. An engineer has deemed the site suitable for an in-ground septic system though there is no formal wastewater plan in place.

Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

There is a Mitsubishi Fuso refrigerated truck that is used as a de-facto shed. It has two diesel engines and a refer unit all of which ran well when parked though it hasn't started in four years due to an electrical issue. This can be included in the sale if desired.
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for sale

Property for sale

Property is for sale by owner. $134,000.

Sale price

Additional Information


Unique, large, private parcel with newly established apple orchard a mile and a half from St Johnsbury’s town center.  The orchard consists of 175 trees most of them heritage apples and old world cider varieties. Most of the trees are on semi-dwarf stock with some on standard and full-dwarf as well. An 8’ woven wire orchard fence encloses 3.5 acres and the trees themselves cover 2 acres. Planting began in 2015 and some of the trees are beginning to bear this season. The parcel contains 76 acres, and consists of young to mixed-aged hardwood stands and open fields with rolling to steep topography. There are extensive logging trails throughout. Access to property is over a right-of-way that is currently a three-season access but can be improved.  The property is enrolled in current use and has a forest management plan. This is a great parcel for wildlife. Penty of deer, bear, turkeys, partridge. The parcel is currently off the grid.  Please contact Joseph at [email protected] or 802-595-4488 (no texts please) with questions or to view property. Many more photos available by request.

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