Agrivoltaics- 20 Acres Available for Free Lease- Dighton, MA

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903 Tremont Street, North Dighton, Massachusetts

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Town water is available on site through the landowner. Expensive for irrigation purposes.

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Carraro TRG9400 80-HP Tractor (reversible, with cab) in good shape available for use of farmer committing to long-term stewardship of the land within the array.

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Property for lease

20 acres inside an agrivoltaic solar array available for long-term free lease with compensation provided to farmer to cover costs related to MDAR reporting requirements as well as adaptation of operation to the solar array. Additional 12 acres in Swansea available if desired.

Additional Information

These 20 acres in Dighton are available alone or in combination with 12 acres in Swansea, MA. The dual-use solar array on this land was constructed in 2023. Most of the land previously was used to farm butternut squash; some of it was previously forested. The array is designed to accommodate diverse forms of agriculture: panels are mounted on single-axis trackers that rotate with the sun so no square foot of the array has more than 50% shade, panels are 10 ft off the ground in a horizontal position and the drip edge is 6.5' from the ground at maximum rotation, array rows are 26 feet apart center to center (18' clear sky between rows), and there is adequate space between array rows and the fence to allow for safe turning of farming equipment. BlueWave is looking for an innovative farmer (crops or livestock or both) who wants to take on management of this land for up to the lifetime of the array (20 - 40 years).  Compensation is provided to help with the transition to agrivoltaic farming and to cover the cost of fulfilling the reporting requirements of the Massachusetts SMART program. Please reach out to Gabrielle Hayes at [email protected] to learn more.




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