Ballard Farm • 371 acres with house and barns • St. Albans & Palmyra (Somerset County), ME

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517 Palmyra Road, St. Albans ME 04971

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My parents bought the property in the early 60's, when they bought it there was a farmhouse, an old barn down by the house. My dad built 2 huge barns one was built in the 60's with the milking parlor and milk room attached. In the early 70's he built on the 2 big barns. We milked 200 head of cows and then in 1986 we went in the dairy by out. From then on dad tried to find his place in the farming industry. We started out by growing silage corn to sell and putting up hay, in a couple years we stopped growing silage corn and kept growing baleage and dry hay. We also started raising beef and eventually got into growing pigs to sell as meat and after a few years we did some breeding and having piglets born and sold piglets as well as growing for meat to sell. We have been growing turkeys, broilers, we also have 90 laying chickens to sell eggs. We have always grown 3 acres of sweet corn. We grow some veggies and sell them in the summer. There is a heated work shop to work on equipment, it has an oil furnace and a 275 oil tank. We have a 750 gallon skid tank that we put off road diesel in. Down by the farmhouse is a 40x40 2 car garage with storage upstairs. on one end of it is a overhead door which is where we store the firewood. I would like to see someone buy the farm and hopefully carry on the farm in anyway they see will make them happy. We are open to talking about the current animals on the farm being sold to the buyer along with any equipment we have that is not going to stay with us. Whatever the buyer doesn't want we will sell. We are trying to leave options open to what the buyer may want buy to help them with the operation they want to start. There is a huge potential on this property. 

Farmhouse details: The farm house was built in the 50's. The house has a oil furnace that was bought new in 2013 along with a new 275 oil tank both of which are in the basement. There is a porch that has been added on part of which was turned into part of the living room to make it bigger. A brick hearth with a wood stove dividing the kitchen and living room. A full bathroom on the main floor, an office or could be used as a bedroom. part of the porch was also turned into a mud room with a wood box, a boot box, and a coat closet. Open stairs going up to the second floor which has a full bathroom, and 4 bedrooms. Attic for storage with hideaway steps for it. Attached deck with part of it metal roof and screened in. The house also has had metal recently put on the roof.  

Priced at $900,000

Posting information updated 4/19/2022   

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