Bend-in-the-Road Farm • 165 acres for sale • Knox County, ME

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779 North Union Road, Union, ME 04862

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see description

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Equipment and machinery details

Kuhn side slinger manure spreader Badger tank spreader Milking equipment included, with many new upgrades to vacuum pumps, etc.
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for sale

Property for sale

Asking price with heard and equipment: $350,000

Sale price

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Restructured Pricing to include herd and equipment:

Bend in the Road Farm was established in 1795 as a dairy. The current owner has worked this farm since 1968. The farm is located in mid-coast Maine and sits high amidst rolling hills and open fields skirted by woods & brooks. The fields have unobstructed views to Round Pond & the lower end of Appleton Ridge. The farm has always produced all of the feed needed to milk the cows that the infrastructure is built to hold. This is unique amongst most dairy farms, but especially in Knox County & mid-coast Maine. The soils are excellent for haying and pasturing dairy cows. There are good woods with commercial value on the farm. There is a forest management plan and nutrient management plan that are both current and available upon request. Farm house is a 2,500 sq ft. home, built in ~1800’s. Good condition, 5 bedrooms, 1 bath, 2 woods stoves with combination oil-wood furnace in basement, new roof and some new windows. No chemicals have been used on the land, outside of manure and lime for over 10 years, therefore it could qualify for organic certification.

The landowner has a strong interest in seeing the conventional dairy herd of 37 milking cows; plus 10 bred heifers due in July, and 28 young stock be sold with the farm and for it to remain being used as a dairy. While this is not a contingency on the sale, dairy/pasture is the best recommended use for this land. Nearby hay land retained by the owner will produce the feed needed to sustain the dairy in the future and a separate agreement can be made for this.

Equipment included with the sale:

Kuhn side slinger manure spreader

Badger tank spreader

Milking equipment included, with many new upgrades to vacuum pumps, etc.

Asking price with herd and above listed equipment: $350,000

Welcomed discussion around purchasing the farm, cows and equipment to be had with the landowner; please inquire with Maine FarmLink for initial vetting and discussions.  [email protected]

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