Biggs • 45 acres for sale • Waldo County, ME

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522 W. Main St., Monroe, ME 04951

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Ester Darres - [email protected]
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Barn, storage, shop, greenhouse

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The house is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath ranch, built in the mid 70s and sits on 45 acres.

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Property for sale


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The house is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath ranch, built in the mid 70s and sits on 45 acres. It has recently had a kitchen update with new custom hardwood counter tops, white enameled cast iron single bay sink, stainless steel oven and hood, and fresh coat of paint. The view from the kitchen sink looks out on the hills, the pasture, the orchard, the run-in barn (which in the spring is full of baby lambs you can keep an eye on), a child's swing set, and the wood burning hot tub. Its an incredible spot for doing dishes.

The house has a cozy, farmy, warm, rustic, and lived in feel. In the living room, we replaced all the trim and used old barn wood around the two huge door ways that connect to the kitchen and hall.

Both bedrooms have rustic plank floors with square nails and windows that look out to the gardens. The master bedroom, has a walk in closet. It's current use is as a farm business office. The master bath has been refinished with new paint, vanity, toilet, floor, and bath hardware.

The basement has been partially finished with two bonus rooms and a daylight basement. We use one for a guest room and the other for storage and a root cellar.

The attic is a space that can easily be converted into bedrooms or other living spaces. It has outlets, lights, and four windows (2 on each end).

In the center of the house, in the kitchen, we use a Jotul 3 wood stove for all our heating. We use 4-5 cords of wood for the winter. Last year's mild winter only took 3! There is also an oil furnace that works in the basement. There is plenty of room to store your winter wood in the basement.

This house has no major defects, a dry basement, and is situated to maximize passive solar heating.

The Farm:

A perfect piece of property for the small farmer or homesteader. This property has been farmland for a very long time. There are lots of old pieces of farm equipment hiding all over. At one point it was used to grow potatoes. However, when we first started farming most everything was in disarray. The fields had not been maintained, the orchard was in dire need of pruning, and the gardens were almost gone. In the last four years we have brought everything back to life. The fields have been grazed in a rotational grazing system with sheep and chickens which has eliminated all of the weeds, shrubs, and tree saplings. The grass is now lush and healthy. The orchard has been restored and produces bountiful harvests of apples. The gardens have been reestablished and produce very well.

On the property you'll find well maintained apple trees, blueberries, wild cranberries and wild strawberries, sugar maples, several hundred row feet of strawberries and raspberries, asparagus, and last fall we planted 1,200 garlic plants that will be ready for harvest in August!

The soil in the gardens is extremely fertile due to our composting practice. It gives us 2 pound onions and 20 pound cabbages! Everything grows happy in it. There is a pond, our ducks love to swim in, and a gorgeous creek that flows out of it and connects down to Marsh Stream. We like to nestle into big tree roots beside the creek in the summer and just listen to the little waterfalls. We put up a 20 x 100 foot greenhouse that provides privacy from the road, hot house for veggies and starts, and it houses our layers through the winter. The soil is very fertilized. The plastic is a heavy duty, woven poly. Near the big barn and next to the road we have a very cute, well trafficked farm stand. It is painted purple and completely wired with outlets and lights. It is self serve and provides the community with a local place to pick up eggs, veggies, strawberries, and meat. In the summer we sell local ice cream and folks stop by for that a lot. Our daughter even does a lemonade stand out there. The whole thing is adorable.

Priced at $219,000

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