Board Landing Farm • ~10 acres for lease, with housing • Belfast (Waldo County), ME

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Kaler Road • Belfast, ME 04915

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Over the past twenty plus years Board Landing Farm has raised a wide variety of crops and animals. Their vision is to grow nutrient-rich, organic food and to market their products by using innovative marketing. They are looking for a farmer to lease a two to ten acre piece of land with a greenhouse. They are currently developing a nursery for blueberry, raspberry and blackberry bushes and repairing the greenhouse. The farmer must have the following qualifications: 1) Knowledge and experience growing produce and using a greenhouse. 2) Knowledge and experience in raising agricultural products. 3) Compatibility with the goals and values of Board Landing Farm. 4) The ability and desire to work collaboratively with other farmers and the community. The lease (1-5 years) will be either a fixed fee or a fee, plus percentage. On-site housing is available for an additional rental fee.

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