Cabot Smith Farm - 267 acres for sale, with house - Cabot, VT

Posted on October 13, 2022Last updated 5 months ago

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391 Smith Road, Cabot VT 05647

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Call listing agent for details. Jenny Flower (802) 505-1096
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Property for sale

Property for sale

Call listing agent for details. Jenny Flower (802) 505-1096

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Own a flourishing vegetable/berry farm nestled in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont! Seize a rare opportunity to take over the reins of a high yielding successful farm that is the exclusive provider of numerous veggies and berries to 150 Shaws supermarkets covering New England. Approximately 60 of the total 267 acres is currently farmed to supply the grocery chain with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, corn and an assortment of winter squash and pumpkins. The balance of the land is mostly wooded and holds enormous untapped potential for a variety of agritourism options. The farmhouse has been entirely renovated with all new systems, a new poured concrete foundation, all new windows and beautiful wide-pine flooring that was hand-milled by the owner from trees taken from their private pine grove. The first floor offers a generous kitchen with a large open room off of it that can be used for entertaining, gathering and/or feeding guests. There is also a half bath, a formal dining room, living room, a small office and a master bedroom with connecting ¾ bath. Thoughtful consideration was put into making the first floor handicap accessible. The second floor consists of four spacious bedrooms, a ¾ and a full bath. The land has been conserved in the Vermont Land Trust and must convey to either a qualified farmer or someone with an approvable plan to continue farming. The seller is willing to stay for a year to teach and assist the new owner. Already thriving and prosperous, this property still falls short of its full potential and awaits the excitement and dreams of its next owner! Contact Jenny Flower (802) 505-1096 or [email protected]

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