Contrary's Whey Farm and Creamery - 10 acres for lease - Milton, VT

Posted on October 28, 2019Last updated 3 months ago

The Land

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Farmer or farm family

Property Location:

Milton, Vermont

Total number of acres available with this property:


Acres of cropland or tillable land:


Acres of pasture:


Acres of forested land:


Other open and/or non-farmable land

0.25 acres not usable because of location of dry well
Farm Information

Water sources present


Water sources details

I have an excellent source of well water. Never experience low water levels since 2011

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

One barn with three stalls about 1000 square feet including a clean room with running filtered water and heat. Also the same amount of space in loft of barn. Fencing for goats No watering or irrigations systems

Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

Would prefer not to have farmer live on property but would consider special circumstances such as seasonal housing (May to Oct) for a maximum of two people

Equipment and machinery

None available

Equipment and machinery details

DR Field Brush Mower
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for rent

Property for lease

Long term lease or Lease with Purchase
Additional Information


The current use is farmstead.  In past have had up to 8 Nigerian Dwarf milking goats.  Person leasing at that time sold goat milk, kid goats and made cheese (for home use only).  I do NOT have a USDA approved cheese making room.  Also, land was used to produce vegetables.  Since 2011 I have labored to bring the sandy barren property to a place where I am comfortable that the SOIL is now able to sustain growth of healthy products.  Each year I plant fewer seeds and continue to increase yields at harvest time.  The goats and I use the regenerative farming practice to bring this land back and with the help of UVM Soil and Crop extension, I now feel ready to offer the land for lease.  The forested land has a multitude of possibilities from mushrooms to ginseng.  Forest has a small amount of Maple, Beech, Hemlock, Oaks and White Pine.  There is a path in the woods the plantings are diverse.  Someone with a forest background would be able to sort out the specifics.  I am located in Milton Vermont very close to 1-89 making the location very convenient to multiple markets.  My long term goal is to keep this land in Agricultural use.  A small orchard is also a possibility.  I am looking for a farmer devoted to proper land use, who is educated in regenerative farming practices.  At this time that is a central focus for me and this piece of land.   Please contact Ellie at [email protected] or 802-891-6942 (no texts please) with questions.

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