Couple of Quacks Farm • 10 acres for lease • Bucksport, ME

Posted on May 5, 2020Last updated 5 months ago

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Silver Lake Road, Bucksport, ME 04416

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See description

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See description - some fencing
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I had been running small goat dairy in the Portland area and was looking to transplant the operation to this property. Circumstances changed and I ended up transitioning out of farming. I know from experience that land acquisition is a major barrier to entry and want to help someone realize their dream of starting a small farm. I'm looking for a long term lease with $1200 (or whatever taxes + insurance adds up to for that year) paid annually.

The property is located right outside "downtown" Bucksport. It's about half an hour to Bangor, Belfast, Ellsworth, and Castine, all of which offer a good market for agricultural products of any sort. The land itself slopes gradually (a bit more steeply in some places) down to a marshy creek. The exposure is generally southeasterly. About a third of it seems to be quality pasture (besides prevalence of milkweed in certain areas), and a third is in early successional forest (mostly birches, aspen, and pine) that would be easily thinned for a silvopasture model. The remaining third is mature forest, predominately of pine, beech, and oak, with some apples, hawthorn, maples (sugar & red) and cedar thrown in. I believe it has been hayed recently and was likely pasture before that.

I had planned on planting a polyculture silvopasture with fruit and fodder trees for rotational grazing with a variety of livestock/poultry. I'd be happy to see it go generally that direction, but would be just as happy to see it cultivated in any manner that aligns with regenerative agricultural principles.

In terms of infrastructure, there is a utility pole installed, but not connected, which would be pretty straightforward at this point. About an acre is enclosed with 50 inch cattle panel. There is also a (very) tiny house (9x12) that I was planning on selling. It's more of an insulated shed with mostly finished interior. I would expect that any sort of enterprise would require a well to be drilled and some structures to be built, and we'd just have to touch base beforehand. There are plenty of rentals in and around the area as housing is not available on the land.

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