Demers Hill at Westpalace Farms - 4.8 acres for lease, with housing - Spencer, MA

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Private non-farming landowner


1 Demers Drive Spencer, Massachusetts 01562

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  • Town/municipal water

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40'L x 20' W three story barn with detached garage available. Parking for easily a half dozen trucks, cars. Barn has an empty loft. Semi restored ground floor to barn offers insulated year round temps for cool storage. Mid floor houses owners equipment but can be cleared to make space available to new tenant.

Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

100 year old newly restored farmhouse. 1000 sq. ft. Three small upstairs BR. One full bath. Sunroom, Great room. New Kitchen and Appliances. Side Deck / Porch. Owner requests access to basement only through bulkhead for restoration work on an occasional basis. Part time tenant uses house and basement for their Non- Profit Farm organization TBD

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None available

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Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

  • Property for lease

Property for lease

Owner prefers a one year lease. Renewal upon agreement. The housing lease is ideal for setting up as a Property Manager, given an existing part time lease in place with a Farming Non - Profit and their access to property on a rare occasions for seminars and workshops. Owner conducts on and off restoration work of additional property buildings for a multi - phase development and conversion of property into a farming micro conference center for meetings and Farm to Table events to provide for networking opportunities for many involved in farming.

Additional Information

Generational family lives off - site. We'll maintain the grounds mowing etc., and request access to only the basement via a bulkhead entrance to preserve renters privacy. Owner has cellar repair to do on a limited basis. Owner will gradually renovate barn depending on how extensive future barn use becomes as farm activities evolve.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is essentially to get a sense of interest in the described opportunity. We welcome those seeking farmland and or residence combinations to discuss their individual timeline of urgency on the 2023 season and perhaps negotiating more towards the 2024 season, with some "possibility" of starting some level of production / prep during the current 2023 season.Owner seeks single occupant or couple. No pets perferably due to recent interior restoration.

The two - 2 acre fields are available for growing to a new farmer tenant with owner requesting Regenerative Agriculture practices preferable little to no tilling. Farmhouse, as well as ample storage in barn is available to lease as well. Owner will consider leasing the fields, or the house, or both depending on tenants needs. Small detached garage is also available for use. Can house one car if need be.

Farm sits atop a hill with gorgeous sunset views. Property is surrounded by residential with short walking to downtown. One mile from retail, grocery outlets and worship. Town water and sewer. Large frontage along high traffic volume town road could allow for a roadside farmstand if town approves. Currently the fields are hayed by a local farmer.

Property has a part- time tenant who uses the house on a rare occasion for meetings and or staff retreats for their Farming Non - Profit but in general the house sits empty on average about 330 days days of the year. Part - time tenant uses some barn space as well as cellar space and is a farmer themselves. Owner will compensate anyone interested in using the house for residency with lease allowances for being agreeable to part - time tentant using house for their seminars, workshops and an occasional overnight on a rare occasion.

There is potential for a Natural Gas hook up but owner has not pursued too extensively as yet. Home features new steam boiler installed and made operable in Jan.2022.  

Owner will cover WI-FI, with Farm tenant to cover electric, quarterly water expense for irrigation needs, and heat (home heating oil) if staying year round through the winter.

Listed leasing costs are contingent at this time given transfer of property ownership internally within family. 

Standard Land lease costs per acre apply: $150.00 per acre for the season with family willing to discuss establishing tunnel or greehouse expansions based on weather conditions the hill encounters annually, namely winds.

Farmhouse Lease terms : Year round and or Seasonal are entertained at this time for discussion starting at a suggested $1,600.00 per month. See previously mentioned allowances. Should farmer tenant opt to vacate farmhouse after completion of harvest season they will be offered a right of first refusal to return in the spring in order to get out from under winter housing expenses.

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