Dragonfly Farm • 57 acres for lease, Searsmont • Waldo County, ME

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256 Main St. North, Searsmont, ME 04973

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Dragonfly Farm is a 57-acre property comprised of fields, forests, streams, wetlands, and lakefront on beautiful Quantabacook lake. Most recent use includes raising horses, sheep, chickens, ducks, and guinea hens. Drip irrigation is set up to water a 50’x100’ family garden plot. A drilled well is the primary water source, with an additional farm pond if ever needed. It was home to a chicken farm in the mid-20th century and there remains two large cement slabs well-suited for greenhouses. A small orchard has been started with apple and peach trees. The fields have been cut in exchange for the hay this past season by a dairy farmer in Appleton, who hopes to continue this agreement. Two plots have been tilled, and only one has been actively gardened. There’s opportunity for cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, etc. in the two fenced-in pastures; the lower pasture needs the finishing touches to complete a five-strand electric-wire fence. This property has stands of red maple trees for syrup production, as well as stands of white pine for timber and hardwood for heating. There are great opportunities for educational programs and outdoor summer camp development, and wonderful spaces to enjoy after a long and gratifying day of working the land. The property is 15 minutes to Belfast, 20 minutes to Camden, and 10 minutes to the beautiful Lincolnville General Store. Included in the lease is a John Deere Gator 620i UTV, 800’ electric fencing with three solar chargers, a DR brush mower, push mower, riding mower, weedwacker, chainsaw, and hand tools. Canoes and kayaks are included to enjoy the lake access. This is a special property with plenty of traditional and non-traditional opportunities for use and recreation. Enjoy the experience of farming on this property! Please contact me for the link to an album of additional pictures, including house pictures.

The house is a 1500 sq. ft. recently updated two-story farmhouse built in the early 1900s. Three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, heated with two propane Rinnai heaters and a central woodstove. A well-stocked modern kitchen with new appliances, the house is fully furnished and ready to move in. The house is quite beautiful and is in wonderful condition. There is an unattached garage and a woodshed close to the house. Drilled well, good septic, farm faucet close to the run-in barn for animals.

Equipment List:

John Deere Gator 620i UTV, DR Field and Brush Mower with chipper attachment, Poulin ride on lawn mower, Honda propelled push mower, Stihl weed wacker, Stihl chain saw, 800’ electric fencing with three solar chargers, hand tools, cordless drills, circular saw, sawzall.

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