East Granby Land Trust Howard Preserve - 7 acres for lease/other - East Granby, CT

Posted on April 14, 2022Last updated 1 month ago

The Land

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Land trust or other conservation organization

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Russelton Avenue Rear, East Granby, CT

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The East Granby Land Trust is a member of the Connecticut Land Trust Alliance.
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None available

Farmer housing

None available

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Tenure arrangement


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Additional Information


The East Granby Land Trust has a newly acquired property with 7 acres of farm land along the Salmon Brook River. This is a special piece of land because it is a piece that connects our elementary school to Granbrook Park on the Salmon Brook. We have plans to use the perimeter of this parcel for an access trail to the park but also a small portion to teach about farming. However we do not have the equipment or ability to farm 7 acres. 

We are not looking for anyone to pay rent. We just want someone who has the ability to bring in the equipment needed to plow the 7 acres and farm 5-6 acres while we use a small piece for programs. We support using OMRI list products if they need them. It can be a risk being located near the brook which can flood. The previous tenant grew field corn successfully. 

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