Eva's Farm - 8 acres for sale - Oakham, MA

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231 Rutland Road, Oakham, Massachusetts

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The East Quabbin Land Trust is also making available five additional fields on its Eva's Woods property. One 3-acre hay field is adjacent to the land for sale north of Rutland Road. There are four smaller fields south of Rutland Road in various stages of re-growth, but could be reclaimed for production depending on successful bidders business plan.

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  • Drilled well

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Water is available. With removal of the farmhouse the piping to connect water to the barn will be needed.

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The two barns are connected and were part of a small-scale dairy farm. The barns are in reasonable shape, but need some repairs and clean-up before use in a future farming operation.

Farmer housing

None available

Farmer housing details

The farmhouse was in poor shape and was recently removed. The sale will specify one building location to be negotiated with the successful applicant. Only one residential house location will be permitted, which can be either a single-family, duplex or house with in-law apartment. No additional houses are permitted which will be codified through a conservation restriction.

Equipment and machinery

None available

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The entire 8-acres will be placed into a Conservation Restriction before the sale to be negotiated with successful buyer. A building envelope will be defined to encompass the residence, barn and solar array area along Rutland Road. No additional housing will be permitted.

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Is the property certified organic, or does it qualify for organic certification under federal organic regulations?


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Tenure arrangement

  • Property for sale

Property for sale

This is a request for proposals to purchase the property for $100,000. This is fair market value for land with a building lot available in Oakham. There is a strong preference for a buyer with their own financing and demonstrated ability to run an agricultural business from this property.

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Farmland and building lot for sale

Request for Proposals

231 Rutland Road

Oakham, MA


Background and Information:

The East Quabbin Land Trust is offering 8-acres of farmland with barns for sale to a farmer or farm entity interested in pursuing their agricultural business in Oakham, Massachusetts. The ideal farmer will manage a diversified farm using regenerative farming techniques to improve soil fertility and productivity, such as rotational grazing, no-till and cover cropping practices.  A small-scale small livestock business, market vegetable production, portable chicken, berry or orchard operation are options on this farmland. Farmers with demonstrated experience are encouraged to submit a response to this request for proposal. The asking price is $100,000.

The land offered for sale includes a 3.5-acre field that was most recently used as pasture. The slopes and moderately rocky areas make this field suitable for continued pasture use or perennial plantings of berries or fruit. Also, there is a 3-acre hay field that is relatively flat and suitable for market vegetable production or small-scale livestock operation. 

On the remaining acreage there are two connected barns (4,000 sq. ft. and 2,500 sq. ft.) which were set up for milking a small cattle herd. The barns are in reasonable shape though repairs are needed along with clean up from past farming practices. The former farmhouse and housing-trailer were recently removed. A building site will be negotiated with the successful bidder for a single-family or two-family home. Space is available for a small solar array sufficient to power the residence and agricultural enterprise. There will be a perpetual conservation restriction placed on the property that affirms the responsibility to farm the land and eliminates future development beyond the identified homesite. 

The East Quabbin Land Trust owns the adjoining 66-acres of fields, old pastures and woods. The existing one-mile trail loop starts from Ware Corner Road and travels across these acres. The trail may be extended in the future. Included on these additional 66-acres are four small areas (approximately one-acre +/- each) that could be leased to the successful farmer to supplement their available agricultural production space. In addition, the three acre hayfield on top of the hill can also be included in the long term lease. 

Appointments are required to walk the property.  Email Cynthia at [email protected] to make an appointment. Proposals will be accepted through May 15th and then on a rolling basis until a purchase and sale agreement is confirmed.

Proposal Requirements:

Parties interested in making an offer to purchase this property should submit a Proposal, including all the information described below, by 5:00 pm on May 15, 2024.  All of the information submitted will remain strictly confidential.

  1. Cover letter with a written proposal, including confirmation of the $100,000 purchase price:
    1. Explain why you want to purchase this property;
    2. Describe your plans for a future residential structure;
    3. Describe your qualifications to successfully execute your farm business plan;
    4. Attach documentation that you can fund the purchase price and anticipated residential building expenses. (Such documentation may include financial statements or bank guarantee letter.);
    5. Discuss relevant best management practices to build soil capacity and minimize impacts from slopes;
    6. Provide strong agricultural references; and
    7. Submit any other relevant information that would support your proposal including your understanding of Conservation Restrictions.
  2. If available, attach a business and management plan for your proposed farm operation.
  3. Send Proposal and related materials to East Quabbin Land Trust, P.O. Box 5, Hardwick, MA 01037-0005, Attn: Cynthia Henshaw, or email [email protected]

Buyer Selection:

The East Quabbin Land Trust will acknowledge receipt of all proposals received by 5 pm May 15, 2024, or others received beyond this date. 

We encourage all qualified and interested farmers or farm businesses to submit a Proposal. The EQLT does not discriminate based on race, gender, handicaps, sexual orientation, or for any other reason. The East Quabbin Land Trust will select a purchaser with the help of an Advisory Committee that includes members with knowledge and experience related to agricultural operations. 

If you have any questions about the farm, a Conservation Restriction and/or the process, please contact Cynthia Henshaw at 413-477-8229 or [email protected].


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