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4947 Spear Street, Shelburne, VT

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Farm Information

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Water sources details

Water is available. There is a pond-fed irrigation system in place. Depending on what someone is growing, we could expand the irrigation system.

Barns, sheds or other structures


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2 farm structures--prospective farmers could be allocated a portion of barn space 1) large barn--100' x 40' steel barn, which was built in 2016; 800 sq ft are built out as a farm stand, including a kitchen space (minus an oven); the remainder of the barn is used for farm equipment storage 2) small barn--20' x 24' wood barn built in 2015

Farmer housing

None available

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Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

2 tractors disk harrow; mold-board plow; drop spreader; broadcast spreader; brush hogs; chisel plow/cultivator; culti-packer; and other implements use of the equipment can be part of the negotiation
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement


Other tenure arrangement

We are open to the full gamut of arrangements from a straight lease agreement to some other creative arrangement. Our primary motivation in offering the land is that we would like to expand the product offering for our customers. We are particularly interested in veggies. However, we have no preconceived notion of how the arrangement will work. If you already have a CSA, we'd be open and interested in your using our farm stand as a pick-up point. We also would consider helping market expansion of your CSA to our customer base (currently a 460 recipient newsletter list with a 35-45% open rate, and lots of drive-by customers). While we are not interested in selling our land, basically, the only limitation in coming up with the ways we would work with you is our collective imagination. Come to us with your ideas and we are totally open to conversation and dialogue! The only thing that we probably are not interested in is animals on the property, but we are willing to consider animals in the future.
Additional Information


The soil map from the USDA NRCS is available and we are happy to provide a PDF to interested individuals. There is drain tile on some of the land, so it is better drained than the map would suggest. Currently, about 5 acres are under cultivation (3 acres of Marquette grapes and 2 acres (8,000 row feet) of different types of berries on prime soil. There are at least 2 acres of prime soil available. Based on experience with the soil and cover cropping that we have done, much of the soil is better quality than shows on the map. Some chemicals have been applied to portions of the land already under cultivation. There is some slope where the berries and grapes are under cultivation, but most of the land is flat or nearly flat.

Some relevant facts not previously mentioned.   The farm is only 3-4 miles from Burlington and located in the middle of one of the most densely populated areas of Chittenden County. A traffic study two years ago showed that at least 5,000-6,000 cars per day pass our location We are open to prospective tenants using the farm stand to make value-added products. We do not currently have high-tunnel greenhouses, but are open to someone erecting one or more.      

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