Fuzzy Udder Creamery • 3.78 Acres for sale • Lincoln County, ME

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35 Townhouse Rd., Whitefield, ME 04353

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Brit Babcock - 949-235-7550
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Fuzzy Udder Creamery moved to this farm from Unity in late 2013. This has been a wonderful place to live and grow our business over the past five years and now we are too big of a farm operation to stay here in Whitefield and have found another farm that will better suit our agricultural needs. Currently we milk 40-50 sheep and goats and buy in cow's milk to make cheese. This facility can easily handle between 250-300 gallons per week of milk made into cheese and currently contains $40,000 of cheese inventory. This would be an ideal situation for a new creamery to get off the ground, either with a smaller herd of sheep and goats, no more than 20 head would be suited for this property, or a business that just buys in milk and makes cheese. There are many sources of high quality organic milk in this area and Whitefield is centrally located and well suited for businesses that sell wholesale and retail. Whitefield is a farm-friendly community, especially with the increased horse and buggy traffic from the recently arrived amish to our town. The farm is walking distance from the Sheepscot General store, which has delicious food and lots of local groceries, it's easy to eat food grown just from Whitefield alone there are so many small-scale local food businesses in this town. There's also a shortage of rental properties in the area, I've never had a hard time keeping our rooms and apartments fully rented out during the time I have been here.

1848 Farmhouse, 6 bedrooms, 3 baths, including two apartments for extra income or staff housing. There's oil, propane and wood heat, well insulated, this house is cozy in the winter! There's also solar hot water and a house-wide propane generator! It's all set up for a small scale dairy, creamery or other food business. Includes state licensed cheese room, wrap/pack room, 2 walk-in coolers, milk washroom, milking parlor.

Priced at $239,000

Some equipment may be available for sale, please inquire if interested

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