Gillespie Fields • 57 acres for sale or lease • Meddybemps (Washington County), ME

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1018 Main Street, Meddybemps, ME 04657

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1. My mother, Dorothy Browne who loved living here with me in New England, left me a small estate at her passing at 100, two years ago that I had told her that I would use to purchase farmland in New England so that, if they desired, her four grandchildren and their families would have a place to move to that would provide them with their needs into the future. I found the most affordable land in New England in northern Maine.

2. The property had to have surface water, fields and fertile, arable (listed as sandy loam) land, and forests for wood stove fuel and building materials. This property's 57 acres (about 37 in fields and 20 forested) had that along with a 90x30' three bay airplane hangar where one bay had insulated walls and a slab floor for residence development, an 1800+' runway , apple trees, blueberry bushes, a gravel/sand pit, both a pond and multiple springs, along with a usable dug well, paved driveway, and septic system (from former, now burned down house). Plus I have nice neighbors with agricultural land all around me, Lake Meddybemps and Moosehorne Nat WIldlife Refuge within a half mile, the big town of Calais less about 20 minutes away and the Bay within a half hour as well. I have just recently paid to survey and subdivide off a 5.7 acre parcel that can be kept in family / farm family or sold for funds for development.

3. None of my children are currently interested in moving to northern Maine, which is fine, because a second part of my plan is to use MOFGA, Maine Farmland Trust, or another agency or word of mouth contact, to identify a motivated and vetted young couple (farm family) to partner with me, who might like to have the potential outlined above to use to develop a 5 year agricultural plan of their design that will be reviewed and approved by an Ag agency (like above) and myself (noting that there are still 2 other hangar bays for a "barn or other purpose). Ideally, the couple would both have Agricultural educational backgrounds, and would be young, motivated, and would be willing to rough it a bit to live on-site and work for pay with me to, coincident with the their first year limited Ag plan, modify the framed and insulated hanger bay into at first their 2 bedroom (one bedroom for me at first when I am up there) south facing residence with wood fired kitchen stove and sun room/three seasons screened in porch to hold wood in winter. To be followed during the slow times of that first year post harvest, finishing the north side of that same hanger bay into a one bedroom apt. with small wood stove for me or my family to use when there - I will live most times in my home in Loudon NH which also has large gardens and woodlands and surface water access. The Farm Family will pay for their utilities with a very modest rent so that more energy can be devoted to farming, with the hope that within 3-5 years the farm is turning a profit that we will share in some yet to be determined way, so that most efforts can be devoted to Ag ( I envision grains like oats, and rice because of both upland and wetland areas (cedar swamp on site), and sustainable / organic technique for crops, with chickens, goats, cows and maybe even a few work horses in silvopasture. 

4. To support ongoing farm development funding for both my families future and the future of my farm family partners, I hope to be able to secure a funded conservation easement which I do not currently have with the support of MOFGA or MFT. 

No more than 10 hogs at any time. No Christmas tree farm. No GMO commodity crops, heavy duty tillage or CAFO's. 

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