High Springs Farm - 86 acres (1.5 open) for lease, with housing - Midcoast Maine

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Lincoln County, Maine (Midcoast Maine)

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Some of the forest land near the stream is wet. Mostly pretty nice forest land in general. Lots of oaks that produce acorns for our American Guinea Hogs. Although the land was logged 30 years ago, there are now quite a few white pine trees available for saw milling. Our neighbor lets us graze in his field across the road and there is other potential pasture land nearby.

Farm Information

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  • Drilled well
  • River/stream

Water sources details

Our deep well seems to be tapped into an aquifer and appears to have unlimited volume.

Also, a year round stream flows through the property and provides drinking water for the animals.

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

We bought this abandoned farm in 2021 and have spent the past three years developing infrastructure and buildings. Buildings include an old 36 X 46 timber frame "English tying style" barn undergoing restoration, a 16 X 16 boiler room equipped with an AquaTherm wood boiler, a 24 X 36 workshop, a 30 X 72 year round heated greenhouse, a 20' solar lumber drying kiln, a 8 X 12 three sided barn for milking, a small barn for poultry, and a 16 X 16 heated cabin. Infrastructure includes buried electrical and fiber optic lines, underground insulated pex lines from the boiler room to greenhouse and timber frame barn, and a 5.6 kW solar system (to be installed in 2024.)

Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

Immediate housing (starting in spring 2024) is a small heated cabin with electricity and internet. For the summer of 2024 tenant will share cooking facilities inside the greenhouse but the plan is to upgrade the cabin by fall to include all regular facilities and infrastructure.

Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

We've got quite a lot of equipment available for use by a tenant. Grillo 8.5 hp walk behind tractor with 45" sickle bar mower and rototiller, JD 990 tractor with bucket and backhoe, 3 point hitch box blade, Tajfun forestry winch, JPG 30 man lift, equipped woodworking shop with 4 sided Logosol planer molder, Kawasaki mule, Norwood 36 portable bandsaw mill, 20 foot solar lumber drying kiln, scaffolding, all kind of hand tools, etc.

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Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

  • Property for lease

Property for lease

We anticipate offering a residential lease and a separate farm lease. Terms to be negotiated but lease fee will be fairly low for both. We expect to be ready to begin mid-May, 2024.

Other tenure arrangement

We'd like an arrangement where the tenant trades taking over existing farm chores in exchange for housing and food so we can leave the farm occasionally. Would also like tenant to help with restoring the timber frame barn and other planned farm projects.

Potentially, all of our equipment and land can be made available for the tenant to use in their own enterprise under terms to be negotiated. We currently raise a small number of American Guinea Hogs and have a family milk cow that anchor us to the farm. We would be OK with either sharing them or getting rid of them depending on the interest of the tenant.

If you are interested in our farm or have questions, we'd prefer a reply by email. Please tell us a little about yourselves and what your interests are.

Additional Information

This farm offers a person or couple the opportunity to either incubate their own farm business or gain farming experience working with us.  We're active, hard-working people but would like to slow down and do some other things like get out on the ocean with our newly acquired cabin cruiser anchored in Rockland Harbor.  We both have extensive organic farming experience and have operated a dairy, done custom grazing, made farmstead cheese and many other farming projects.  We'd love to see some younger energy applied to this land. 

We should mention that we bought the farm because it includes 1.5 acres of cleared prime agricultural soil (Madawaska fine sandy loam.)  There is more of that same type of soil that could be cleared and turned into active farm land but we are unlikely to undertake such a project on our own.

We developed a list of potential projects and enterprises that could be developed here and include that list here just to stir the imagination.  None of them are required or expected, just things we would do if we were 30 years younger.

  1. Restore timber frame barn  (Actually, we ARE going to do this one.)

    Everything is in place for starting the restoration of the barn:  sawmill for milling replacement sills and posts, materials and equipment for producing concrete, architectural design plans, underground infrastructure (water, electricity, pex tubing for radiant heating and internet.) 
  2. Hipcamp and other vacation rentals

    We now have a solid, dependable road leading to areas of the farm that could provide camping sites for Hipcamp rentals.  We could also build some summer cabins for vacation rentals.
  3. Create a CSA or grow flowers

    One and a half acres of prime agricultural soil can grow a lot of produce and could support a small CSA.  The big heated greenhouse would make growing transplants possible.  We’d love to see someone grow cut flowers here. 
  4. Produce firewood

    Over 80 acres of woods means this place grows quite a lot of sustainable hardwood production that one could process and sell.  We already have all the equipment needed.
  5. Develop a micro dairy

    We have cheesemaking experience and equipment and want to develop an aging cave to support small scale cheesemaking.  One could raise milk sheep, goats or a small number of cows using neighboring pasture, buying hay or even clearing more land here.
  6. Custom sawing and lumber drying

    An interested person could use our Norwood portable bandsaw mill to develop a custom milling service.  In addition, one could provide custom lumber drying in the solar lumber kiln.
  7. Run a woodworking shop

    The woodworking shop provides the opportunity to practice all kinds of woodworking goods and services including making custom moldings on the Logosol planer/molder.
  8. Raise American Guinea Hogs

    Since the woods are filled with oaks that drop lots of acorns and since American Guinea Hogs love to eat them and grow well on them, one could raise very special animals and meat here.

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