Island Falls - 220 acres for sale, with house - Sherman, ME

Posted on August 16, 2021Last updated 5 months ago

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1053 island falls rd sherman, ME

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garage 30x40, 40x40 indoor grow house.

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Listed on MLS commercial and residential

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Please ask for list of equipment.
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Property for sale


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Beautiful 220-acre lot of land with 74 that is actively farmed. There are 12 acres of strawberry fields that are fully irrigated and farmed annually for business as well. Also includes 59 acres of farmed hay fields which are leased out to local farmers. One 30x40 work garage and another fully operational and highly successful indoor hydronic garden operation (please ask for photos or more information). This beautiful land comes with a spring-fed pond on the property that fully supports all irrigation for the farm. The farm also comes with 2 refrigerated trailers/farm stand, one refrigerated Mercedes cargo van, 2 1500 vans, tractors, an extra 2100' of 6' main irrigation equipment, and 8000' of lateral irrigation with nozzles, and all the farming equipment you would need to successfully continue operations. The house sits on the front of the property with views of the pond which has fish in it and views of the northern parts of the Appalachian Trail. Please email or message for more details.

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