Juniper Hill Rental for farmer(s) on educational farm Western Mass

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The Land

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Franklin County, Massachusetts

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trails, open fields and budding Silvo/coppice pasture, 3 Season stream, old beaver pond, cottage, very small cabin, fenced in goat pastures, barn with hayloft, chicken coop with solar door, fenced. terracing on contour 2 gardens, wetland in back with pond and stream

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not for sale
Farm Information

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deep well water on top of mountain in Pelham Hills

Barns, sheds or other structures


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May 1 2021 looking for an mature, experienced farmer/couple to join our budding farm community. 2 person max collaborate with ecological farmers: organic, biodynamics, permaculture, small livestock , silvopasture, education. Rental on beautiful homestead. Sorry do not have room for family. 2 month trial period then year must be winter hardy

Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

May 1, 2021 couple preferred, rustic comfortable charming, wood floors, beautiful setting established gardens, pastures, goats chickens, stream, pond. Starting small homesteading community on 9 acres, living our farming and ecological dreams! Please write a detailed inquiry, Maximum 2 people Pls have references, experience

Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

scythe, garden tools, goat milking equipment wish list includes a small tractor or excavator16 by 20 barn with hay loft set up for milking goats, chicken coop, 2 pastures fenced
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement


Other tenure arrangement

We are looking for an organic or biodynamic farmer or couple who have interest in or experience with homesteading and permaculture farming, Wanting to develop our 9 acre homestead with pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, geese, etc., with next generation of farmers. We are two older teacher/artist/farmers living in a wonderful neighborhood in Massachusetts Pelham Hills.
Additional Information


We have had a small goat dairy for 10 years and have been gardening and homesteading here for 25 years.  The land is hilly with a few plateaus and a few acres of fenced in rough pasture. It has two gardens, a developing forest garden and two greenhouses.  Prefer a person with some farming experience and a passion for learning and collaborating with another experienced farmer who will be here part time.   Land is not certified organic but we have been raising food organically since we began.  

The neighborhood is friendly and supportive of sustainable living and transition town with a pre school and eco-village up the street.  The land is open and wooded with a coppice pasture of maple, oak, birches, witch hazel, hemlock, white pine and has been enriched tremendously by having the goats and chickens on it.  Deep well water.  Being on a country road yet so close to Amherst has been wonderful. Sunsets are spectacular here. 

We are looking for people who are interested in developing a community farm and possibly for help with running homesteading programs for children and families.

Please write a description of yourselves and what you are ideally looking for  

May 1 or June 1 move in 

Updated April 5, 2021

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