Lake Seymour Farm

The Land

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Farmer or farm family

Property Location:

Both sides of Rt 111 in Morgan, VT

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Acres of cropland or tillable land:


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Farm Information

Water sources present


Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

Freestall dairy barn: 180 stalls, built 2006; Heifer and dry cow freestall: 160 stall; Commodity shed; Extensive bunk silo capacity for feed storage; Manure pit: two million gallon capacity, NRCS approved; Equipment shop; concrete barnyard

Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

Farmhouse: very good condition, 3-4 bedrooms; Two small farm labor houses; Mobile home: used for farm labor housing

Equipment and machinery

Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for sale

Property for sale

Buyers may submit proposals for all of the farm’s acreage, or for just one or two of the parcels. The owners asking price for the parcels are: • Entire farm with all acreage: $1,088,000 • Home farm parcel with 471 acres: $900,000 • 50-acre parcel: $200,000 (A buyer may conserve this parcel to reduce the price) • 49-acre parcel: $105,000

Sale price

Additional Information


The Vermont Land Trust (VLT) is working with the owners of Lake Seymour Farm to provide a farmer(s) with the opportunity to acquire this farm to operate a commercial farm business and contribute to the agricultural community. VLT, the current owners, and the farm buyer will reach a mutual agreement on the timing of a closing based on the progression of the conservation process and the needs of the farm buyer. A buyer looking to acquire the entire farm may enter into a lease to purchase agreement.
Lake Seymour Farm is located on both sides of Route 111, just a few minutes from Newport and I-89. The farm lies to the east of Lake Seymour. This 571-acre farm comprises three noncontiguous parcels:  a 471-acre parcel with all the dairy infrastructure and three residences; a 49-acre parcel with a small barn and existing mobile home; and a 50-acre bareland parcel. The farm is currently operated as a dairy and all of the infrastructure is in good condition. The owners plan to sell their dairy herd as part of the ownership transition. 
The farm contains approximately 190 acres of cropland and 25 acres of pasture with 100% of the open farmland on statewide and prime agricultural soils. The soil fertility has been maintained with manure, lime, and fertilizer. The farm has access to 400 acres of additional leased cropland that the owners will secure for an incoming farm buyer. Most of the cropland and pasture on the home farm and some rented land can be certified organic. Additional land is in the second year of converting to organic. Nearly 300 acres of forestland are managed in accordance with a forest management plan. The farm is located in an active farming community with all necessary services available for agricultural production. Over three miles of road frontage provide good access to all parts of the farm.
All parcels of the farm will be sold subject to a perpetual farmland conservation easement that will allow all types of agricultural uses and new agricultural structures. The conservation easements will include the option to purchase at agricultural value. This option allows VLT to purchase the farm at its agricultural value should the buyer (or a future owner) attempt to sell the farm to a non-farmer. This provision helps ensure the long-term affordability of the property to future farmers. For easement terms specific to each parcel, please go to
VLT is hosting two open houses at the farm to allow potential buyers to see the property. They will be Wednesday November 9th and Saturday November 12th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  call Jon at (802) 533-7705 or email him at [email protected] for more information

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