LongWoods Preserve • 65 acres for lease • Cumberland Center (Cumberland County), ME

Posted on September 12, 2022Last updated 4 months ago

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76 Longwoods Rd, Cumberland Center, ME 04021

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Easement held by Cumberland & Chebeague Land Trust

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Drilled well

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see full description

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None available

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No farmhouse available. Owners open to other arrangements

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None available
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Tenure arrangement

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Property for lease

Owners are open to any discussions
Additional Information


The farm at 76 Longwoods road has been farmed since the late 1800's. It was primarily a cattle farm and the fielded acreage used for hay.

Our company purchased this property in Summer 2021, and immediately entered into negotiations with Maine Farmland Trust to preserve a large portion of the property. 55 acres have been permanently preserved, leaving a 7.5 acre parcel for the construction of a small pub and event center. 

We would like this farm to become an example of how non-profits and small business can come together to create an environment that allows a farming operation to thrive. We are hoping that anywhere between 1-6 acres will be farmed using low impact, regenerative agricultural techniques, and will be a highly collaborative operation between the farmer and the pub/event venue. 

The farmer can plant produce that the pub can source for it's menu, they can plant flowers for weddings, and crops that attract customers to the property, such as pick your own pumpkins, strawberries, or fruit trees. In addition to these value add crops for pub/event venue, the farmer can of course plant anything else that they would like to bring to market. 

With the pub and the many walking trails on the property, there will be a large amount of visibility and foot traffic to the farm, making it a perfect environment for a farm store, giving the farmer a fantastic opportunity to bring their product straight to the consumer. 

In addition to these benefits, we also hope to offer community garden plots on the property and a CSA program. The farmer will ultimately manage these programs with the assistance and resources of the pub and event center. 

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