McAlley Farm • 20 acres for sale with house in Brooks, ME • Waldo County

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The Land

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Farmer or farm family

Property Location:

546 Veternas Hwy, Brooks, ME 04921

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Farm Information

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Drilled well

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

large barn with water and electricity and 5 stalls for large farm animals, a 1 car garage size, storage shed

Farmer housing


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see description

Equipment and machinery


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Misc. farm tools
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Tenure arrangement

Property for sale

Property for sale


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Additional Information


The farm has a house as described below, a large barn with water and electricity and 5 stalls for large farm animals, a 1 car garage size, storage shed. I moved back to my home state of Maine in 2012 after spending a few years away. There were wonderful memories of the time when I had children and we lived with the nearest neighbor a half a mile away. We had 40 acres which consisted of woods with amazing paths to walk on, a huge garden, the Northern Lights and other amazing encounters with nature.

When I saw this property with a beautiful view, 20 acres with woods and fields, a nice barn, and a large (1 car garage size) storage shed, I had hopes of recapturing the wonderful memories of years ago.

I have realized after a few years of living here that it is not to be. I am older now, I am by myself and unable to do all the care that a farm would take. I am now accepting that it is time to move on and let someone else enjoy this land.

I do not know much about the history but have heard that the person who built the house in 2000 had a few Highland cattle when he lived here. My fields continue to produce hay for a local neighbor who cuts it each year. After he cuts it, he spreads manure to fertilize for the next year. I have had the field that isn’t used for hay, bush hogged to keep it from growing up into trees. There are multiple apple trees throughout the property which look like they may be heirloom. Part of the land was used for a large vegetable garden.

I would love to have someone buy the property that could farm it and enjoy it as I had hoped to. There is a beautiful porch that has a great view of the sunset. The driveway is long enough so that you are back from the main road, but near enough for easy access.

There is a beautiful granite fireplace hearth with a propane fireplace stove that provides wonderful heat on winter evenings and any other time you may want. The (almost) floor to ceiling windows give you astounding views of the sunset, stars at night, and beauty during the day. There are perennial flower gardens to enjoy with poppies, peonies, roses and many other beautiful flowers.

It is an amazing place…

Farmhouse: The house was built in 2000. I moved in in 2013 and made many updates.

· I repainted all the ceilings and walls in 2013;

· New appliances and light fixtures 2013;

· there is an oil furnace with radiant heat in the living room;

· 2014: Heat pump for supplemental heating in winter and cooling in summer;

· 2013: granite fireplace hearth with propane fireplace stove;

· 2013: Composting toilet in upstairs bedroom;

· 2013: painted outside cedar shingles of house, barn and shed with bleach oil

· 2013: baseboard heat in upstairs bedroom;

· kitchen, living room and bedroom heating systems are independent of each other;

· 2017: new oil tank;

· 2013: energy efficient hot water heater;

· 2016: new submersible water pump;

· 2013: basement renovation to resolve moisture;

· 2013: septic pumped;

· 2014: new barn doors

· 2018: Gravel driveway resurfaced

· 2015: Automatic stand-by, On Demand generator

· 2016: new roof over porch and kitchen area

· 2018: wire put around bottom of barn and porch to keep animals out

Priced at $279,900

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