North Creek Farm • 10 acres for lease • Sagadahoc County, ME

Posted on April 10, 2017Last updated 5 months ago

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24 Sebasco Road, Phippsburg, ME 04562

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4+/- acres of orchard/fruit/perenials

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Please see photos on our website -

The farm house was built in the early 1800's and moved to this site in the mid 1800's. This site as a farm existed as a farm long before that and we have a still productive ancient apple tree that John Bunker thinks to be 250 years old. The land is "pie" shaped atop a gravel moraine with one side bounded by a tidal salt water creek, the other by a spring fed fresh water creek joined by an impressive waterfall. The third side is bounded by Sebasco Rd.

I bought this farm in 1996 after selling a 65 acre farm in North Yarmouth having raised angus cattle, horses, etc since 1975.

I am an authority on hardy roses and have approximately 400 varieties on this property plus many rare shrubs, berries, fruit. There is enough cutting/propagation material here to supply a plant nursery.

Most of all I want farming people to keep going what I have put in place.

The house see above - is solid but a typical old farm house. There is a gas furnace, wood stove, 2 gas heaters plus an attached glass greenhouse which supplies much solar heat.

3 bedrooms plus 2 more walk through bedrooms. 2 bathrooms and two kitchens.

The house, barn and outbuildings have all been re-roofed within the last 8-9 years and the house exterior repainted 8-3 years ago.

The artesian well pump and holding tank replaced a year ago.

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