PAL Livestock • ~420 acres for sale • Merrill (Aroostook County), ME)

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620 Clark Road • Merrill, ME

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  • Drilled well

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4 Wells on site

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See full description for more info on buildings

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Original structure built in 1880, relocated, rebuilt and added too in 2004, sitting on a full concrete foundation (26x42@9' - new stringers and beams / 24x48 @ 8' - floor trusses). Well built, well insulated, newly wired, newly plumbed, (2004) quality borne with 2 baths downstairs and one bath up; 3 bedrooms on ground level and 2 bedrooms up. Options for multiple new bedrooms or there is a 20x24 unfinished second story room that could be built out to an inlaw or efficiency apartment with entry from the garage. Interior finishes are SR walls and ceilings up, decorative drop, tile & SR ceilings dowo, HW, Gd laminate, pine plank & vinyl flooring, wood trim & 6-panel solid doors throughout. Good lighting fixtures, good kitchen & bath cabinetry and fixtures, dual heating system(+) with OHW/WHW 8-zones + beat pump (HP) in living room and HP water heater for summer water. Garage door access to basement, to main sections + partitioned office area (unfinished) but functioning. Laundry in basement+ 1 on floor 1. 12x26 PT open porch.
Attached 20x30 high bay garage, insulated & heated with large overhead door used for storage.

Equipment and machinery


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Manure storage barn; Full line of tractors and a round baler with in-line wrapping piece of equipment and also manure spreading attachment available for separate sale/negotiations.

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Currently in the process of protection option with an Agricultural Conservation Easement with Maine Farmland Trust

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Standard Sale, Owner Finance Sale, Partnership options can be explored with seller.

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Current landowner is at a place of needing to phase out of the day to day farming activities and wants to see the best for this land. Looking to sell this property and/or equipment that has been used (still, currently) as a Beef cattle production - Cow/calf - Forage production Hay and Haylage, with well maintained buildings, home, fencing and acreage.  The seller has extensive soils maps and data upon request.

Site Improvements: New well with good pressure of 6+gpm, along w/modem septic system at home site. Gravel driveway. 

3 other new wells near barn, east parcel and south parcel that feed waterers via summer above ground waterlines. 

Extensive fencing. Heated above ground waterers (2 in main barn, 1 outside of the barn and one in the field to the east of the main farmhouse on a concrete pad); 2 spring fed waterers in the heavy use area


Detached Storage Shed: Older, insulated 20x24 storage shed. Used for storing supplies


Barn: 40x80 P&B + 2-12x80 side bays. Traditional P&B construction, boarded and metal end walls, metal side wall on north, open south, metal roof, 12 divider pens within+ gates, concrete floor. Minor electrical + water from well. There is a ( 40x64 + 18x64 + 60xl60) heavy use concrete area at both ends of the barn and to the manure storage barn.


Manure storage/ Barn: 70x48, new with concrete floor, 8' concrete/EB sidewalls wilh 8' 2x6 WF above, truss roof, metal siding and roofing, 100 amp electrical with minor wiring. Near new. 

Barns are 800' from the public way on a well established gravel road. The site is 1,500'+/-to the nearest flowage with gentle slope and 30'+ of elevation to the brook. The NMP indicates low risk. 

Cabin woodshed: 8x24 WF - boarded siding, plank floor, sliding door, ASP roof. Newer than cabin. On blocks. 

Pricing TBD, awaiting appraisal information. 

This property consisting of approximately ~420 acres is currently going through the protection process with Maine Farmland Trust and will be protected with an Agricultural Conservation Easement at the time of the sale. More information can be provided about this upon request to the FarmLink Coordinator, Sue Lanpher - [email protected]

Priced at $850,000 - 415 acres, buildings and farmhouse with 5-acre FSA

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