Paradise Farm • 100 acres of organic land for sale • Day Block Township (Washington County), ME

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Old Route 9, Day Block Township, Maine 04654

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Recently opened up blueberry land. First MOFGA certified organic blueberry farm in Maine (years ago)

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Honeymoon Brook

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No housing; raw land

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Paradise Farm is originally a quarter section of the Bingham Purchase. There are about 10 acres of reclaimable organic blueberry fields, a south facing slope along one edge of the field with maple trees that we used to tap for syrup and which would be suitable for a passive solar home or a home with solar panels. Honeymoon Brook runs through the property year round and there is plenty of water available for a drilled well. There are about 2 acres of the blueberry field that could be brought back to production in 2 years with the rest needing more clearing of small trees and bushes. There is a half acre garden where I grew all my vegetables that could be brought back into production with a good roto-tilling and lots of space to plant apple trees, including an old orchard, and there is still a system of pipes in the woods to irrigate the garden if needed. Most of the woodland is climax hardwood with maple, ash, beech, and birch, with hemlock stands and mixed stands, with enough wood to cut to heat a home. This is a beautiful piece of land- walking through the woods is like being in a park.  

Property location would be great for a farm stand or build a shop with easy access for travelers on Rte. 9 between Bangor and Calais. 

Paradise Farm was the first MOFGA certified organic blueberry farm in Maine.  

Priced at $149,500

**photos soon to come


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