Permaculture Homestead - 3 acres for sale, with house - Wendell, MA

Posted on July 29, 2019Last updated 5 months ago

The Land

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Wendell, MA

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Farm Information

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Drilled well

Barns, sheds or other structures


Farm infrastructure details

Solar greenhouse, 10 x 20 shed with 5Kw photovoltaic electric system, Woodshed, Winter chicken coop,Two mobile chicken coop,Pasture shed, Hoop house, Permanent fencing around garden and tree & berry orchards, Electric fencing, Screen cabin, Sugarbush, Woodlot, 300 ft.² guest cabin-with electric and running water,

Farmer housing


Farmer housing details

1or2 Bedroom house with many alternative systems: domestic hot water from wood cookstove, solar or electric; 5Kw photovoltaics; composting toilet; heating and cooling through passive solar.

Equipment and machinery


Equipment and machinery details

DR power bush hog, Electro mesh fencing, fence chargers, handtools
Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

Property for sale

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Additional Information


The soil has been enriched through cover cropping and no-till growing from 1980 until present, using organic and permaculture techniques.  It is very healthy and very fertile-producing abundant  nutrient dense food.  A generous income could be obtained by micro farming this land.  Pasture primarily used for poultry, sheep one year.  We are at the end of the dirt road surrounded on three sides by Massachusetts fish and wildlife land.  Permanent plantings include: fruit and nut tree orchard, strawberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, kiwi, blueberry grape, elderberry, paw-paw, rhubarb, asparagus,& seakale. 

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The town of Wendell is small with a population under 900. A very friendly and supportive community.  Large swaths of town are made up of the Wendell State Forest, which contains an abundance of hiking and cross country ski trails.

The Swift River grade school a very good reputation.  

We are within a 1/2 hour drive to Greenfield, Amherst,& Orange.

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