Pleasant Pond Orchard • 9 acres for lease • Richmond (Sagadahoc County), ME

The Land

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430 Brunswick Road, Richmond, ME 04357

Total number of acres available with this property


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Other open and/or non-farmable land

5.5 acres of the property are in fruit production

Farm Information

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Types of water sources present

  • Drilled well
  • Pond

Barns, sheds or other structures

None available

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Farm Store

Farmer housing

None available

Equipment and machinery

None available

Is the property certified organic, or does it qualify for organic certification under federal organic regulations?


Tenure Arrangement

Tenure arrangement

  • Property for lease

Additional Information

Looking to have the store stocked with vegetables and/or animal products grown on site by lessee and/or work trade in lieu of money for rent.

Working fruit tree and berry orchard in operation since the 1960's.  Trees on site are apples, pears, plums, peaches and cherries. High bush blueberries also grown. Fresh cider made in season. Transition from IPM to holistic practices began on 6/20/21. Organic Certification is not necessarily a goal but staying true to fostering diversity and reducing off-farm inputs as a management style is.

Farm store on site with licensed commercial kitchen. Open seasonally from mid-Spring until early December. Stocked with locally grown vegetables purchased from area farmers as well as Maine artists’ works. Unsold veg is turned into value-added products, such as sauerkraut, pickles, chutneys, etc. Baked goods are made and sold in the shop and at farmer markets.

Long range goals include expanding bakery and prepared/value-added foods. 

On-site wash house and walk-in cooler space available. Possible uses include rotational grazing for poultry or sheep operations between and around fruit trees and open areas. Total grazeable acres approximately 5. Vegetable farming available on approximately 1/2 acre in two spots, one is sloped. We are trying to install irrigation this spring.

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